The Hustle & Bustle (Khao San Road)

Stepping off the plane, ecstatic to have finally landed at my final destination, I was euphoric. My skin immediately soaked the hot, sticky humidity in. It was around 3 or 4 am and the streets that were once full of music and hustle was slowly starting to disappear. It was shocking to still see little kids roaming around as we headed to the resort. 

The days here start early; Khao San road slowly started to come back to life. The abundance of stray cats is ridiculous; they are everywhere creating quite a stentch. On the other hand the sensation of different smells that came from all the vendors was mouth-watering. Food in general is phenomenal; my diet consisted of fruit smoothies and Pad Thai. Vehicles and mopeds serve around you in the narrow streets like a school of fish avoiding obstacles in their way. The Wat Pho temple was enlightening as our retired monk described to us the life within the temple. It was quite intriguing to learn and hear him describe all the history and meanings behind every detail. There was definitely no shortage in the abundance of Buddha statues as they even had ones assigned to specific days of the week. Traditionally you worship and pray in the temple with the Buddha that corresponds with the day of the week that you were born. The "Reclining Buddha" was enormous; the biggest statue residing today and much bigger than I anticipated. Definitely an incredible experience. 

The night life in Bangkok was exactly what I imagined and much more. Our group supper was a time. I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant. We sat on pillows on the floor within that had such a chill vibe. Thai buckets = a very tasty but dangerous choice because with too many, you will (without a doubt) end up hitting the ground with the amount of alcohol they pour into them. Bar hopping up and down Khao San Road is a blast as you meet many different travellers. Along with the booze, might as well grab a scorpion or a tarantula if your feeling brave, to crunch on. You can find literally anything on those streets. 

As far as shopping, goes I prefer walking a block to the right down "soi rambuttri". It's less crowded and insanely easier to barter since they don't get as many tourists. Lots of drunks don't make it too far away from all bars on Khao San road. Only downside is some of the vendors aren't as fluent in English but they easily adapt by typing the price into a calculator creating a silent bargaining system. 

The city was amazing but I'm definitely ready to hit the islands so see ya later !!


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