The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Dear Reader,

I have to say that Gili Air was by far one of my favourite places; an island comprised of horse and buggies, bicycles and a pair of shoes as a means of getting around are your only options here. We booked in at probably the nicest accommodation I have seen in Southeast Asia.


The rooms were gorgeous, including a hammock on your porch, provided you’re coated with enough bug spray to keep away the pesky mosquitos. The food, however, was by far my favourite. It was the first time since we arrived that we really were craving western food and the hotel we were staying at had a huge selection of dishes from home that were delicious and fairly priced. Many of us took advantage of the two for one drinks during happy hour. I can certainly say that I felt pretty content sitting on bean bag chairs sipping a ‘Sex on the Beach’, over-looking the waves. This was the ultimate time to chill out, eat, drink and rest. Some members had a go at scuba diving and the ones that made it through to the 12 meter fun dive loved it. Some found out it wasn’t really their cup of tea in the trial run in the swimming pool. The hotel also consisted of movie nights, and for a cheap $2 one could watch one of the featured films. I found more entertainment watching the tide come in. There’s something glorious about nature, it was a great moment to take time and appreciate the simple things and how much fun they can be. Four of us were sitting on the edge (enjoying drinks) and eventually the tide became so high when the waves crashed someone was certainly in the splash zone. Our youthfulness came out, we would watch for the tide to come in and the waves break, it was almost like a Russian roulette to see who would be sprayed the most. Needless to say we ended up soaked back at the room needing to change. Gili Air was the opportunity to break away from the group and do what you wanted, whether it was a bike tour around the island, a cooking class or snorkelling. All in all, when we left I was sad to see the shore distancing itself from me, but I was completely relaxed and grateful for the time spent on such a lovely island. 

A half an hour later we found ourselves on the shores of Gili-T.

If Gili Air was the good, then Gili T was the bad and probably a fair bit of the ugly as well. We arrived and walked in land to our hotel. The difference between the two islands was incredible. Whereas Gili Air was calm and relaxing, Gili T was hectic and crazy. Gili Air was scenic and beautiful where as Gili T was dirty and loud. After a brief freak out about the air-conditioning not working in the hotel (It just had to be switched on) we settled in. We took in bike rides, kayaking/paddle boarding and snorkeling with turtles during our 4 days there as well as a fair amount of alcohol. New Year Eve was a particularly good night. We went to a beach bar to drink and dance our way into 2016. And then suddenly it was our last day. After a PAINFUL wait for our boat off the island which operated on Indonesian time (which means it’ll show up at some stage, but never on time!) We boarded and headed back to Bali. Our final dinner was spent overlooking the city in a fancy restaurant and then it was time for some sad goodbyes, hugs and a few tears before we all headed off on our own paths again. 


The 3 weeks in Bali had its ups and downs like everything else but I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The guides were great, good friends were made and I have some memories that will be with me for life. What else could you ask for?

Actually maybe some working showers would be nice; but, it’s all part of the experience, keep on traveling, find your happy.


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