After spending a very relaxing 4 days on the island it is time to go home or to other travels. Koh Phi Phi is a gorgeous place and I highly suggest adding it to your Thailand travel itinerary. Not only is it really close to Maya Bay (where The Beach was filmed) but it has some really amazing viewpoints to hike up to.

On the first day we got here we had a free morning to explore the island and then in the evening we did our first viewpoint hike, after that we had an evening yoga practice before we went for a group dinner to Unni’s for a very yummy supper. Following supper; we had the option to either have an early night or check out some bars along the beach to watch some fire shows. I of course went for the fire shows as I find them the most memorizing thing to watch.

The following day was a complete free day to do whatever we wanted after we finished our yoga session that morning. Some of the girls went scuba diving which I was told was simply amazing, as they found the entire Finding Nemo cast and even saw some sharks. While others visited a rooftop pool, went around the markets to do some shopping or just had a completely chill day on the beach. As always we met up for “family dinner” in the evening and went out to some more fire shows.

The next day most of the group did a boat trip to visit some of the other awesome views Koh Phi Phi has to offer. This was when they went to Maya Bay, to a lagoon, saw the Viking cave and just had an really fun day on the boat. Since I am fairly “partied out” from the 3-week tour, I decided to have a relaxing day, where I went with one of the girls to get her first bamboo tattoo (I came on this trip planning to get one tattoo and I ended up getting 4, sorry mom…), chilled by the pool at our hotel, and finished the day getting an amazing coconut oil massage. Once the rest of the group got back from the boat trip, some of us went to the reggae bar to watch people who volunteered to do some Mau Thai fighting against each other to get a free bucket of booze. The things people will do for a free drink just never stops amusing me.

For the last night on the island; Noelle arranged for us to go to a secluded beach for our final group mediation and release eco-friendly paper lanterns into the ocean that we wrote our personal mantras on that we came up with early on the tour. It was a very magical last evening for the tour and it was so pretty and peaceful watching them float away in the light of the moon.

This tour has really expanded my yoga practice, and has introduced me to some amazing women who are beautiful both on the inside and out. I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of this heart felt group.

Thanks again for reading my blogs!! Until we speak again cyber world.


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Hello from the gorgeous Krabi Life homestay 

My name is Amber, some of you may have met me last December on the "Blissful Bali" tour, the "Vietnam Explorer" tour from November or even on the 3-week Thailand tour that happened this year over the holiday season, but if not I am a 27-year-old girl from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada who did not start travelling soon enough in my life so I am currently doing a 3-month adventure around southeast Asia trying to get my fill before I get "too old" although you never too old to travel or even start travelling. 

I work in an office back home in a job that keeps me on my toes and has me using my brain in all sorts of ways all day long taking care of 4 needy guys with one of my best friends from college. I live on an acreage with my sister, 2 dogs and 2 cats. I am short with a what I have been told is either an annoying or adorable small voice. I also have the most amazing and supportive boyfriend ever waiting for me at home whom I cannot wait to get back to but Asia was calling my name ever since I got a small taste of it last year.

I just finished the 3 week Thailand tour that started in late December which was amazing! Before that tour I went to Phuket for 10 days and did yoga twice a day and visited all the beaches I could get my hands on while I was there. After the 3-week tour, I did a 2-week volunteer project with the elephants for 1 week in Surin, Thailand and then taught English to kids in Cambodia for a week, which was probably the most fulfilling thing I have done on my adventure so far. As of right now I am on the Yogalife tour with LBW, and once this tour is over I will be going to Siem Reap, Cambodia to stay at the Tipsy Turtle hostel for 1 week before I finally get home and reality again.

Thank you in advance for reading my blogs!!

Amber ☺


Facebook: Amber Freysteinson

Instagram: amberf89

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