The Chill Life at KrabiLife

After a tremendously long bus ride (three hours in a cramped bus is NOT fun) we arrived at the adorable homestay. Let me start off my saying how gorgeous the little igloos were and how amazing the set-up is. There is a lovely pool right in the centre of everything, and jumping in the pool was the best way to wake up in the morning.

A fresh swim really wakes you up! The second floor of the kitchen has hammocks and couches for people to just hang out and relax in. The whole area was adorable and like no place I've been to. Rong truly wants to make you feel at home there. 

The food here is phenomenal as well, it was amazing to have curries, pad thai, and chicken basil authentically served. The activities at the homestay were some of the best things I've ever done. The kayaking through the mangroves was the best kayak trip. It was a little difficult to navigate through the mangroves, and my paddle got stuck in them a few times (luckily our boat didn't flip). The water reflected the mangroves and the air was incredibly fresh from all the trees, which was a nice change from the cities. We even ran into some water bottle-stealing monkeys. They jumped from the mangroves onto the kayaks and sailed with us. I touched a monkey tail haha. Staring up into the lagoon was incredible, as it was cool to see such a beautiful secluded place. 

The next day we saw the rubber tree plantation, which was just outside the homestay. There were the trees and the factory fairly close together, and it was very eyeopening to see how the Thai people make their living and support themselves. They worked extremely hard to make the rubber sheets, and it makes me feel so grateful for the options that I have in Canada. The last day we saw the natural hot springs, which were, surprisingly boiling hot. Was not ideal in 30+ degree weather to be in 40 degree water, but was absolutely gorgeous scenery. 

Staying at the homestay was a really unique experience, as it was interesting to live like the Thai people and be on an authentic farm area. We also got to play with the cutest Thai baby alive, Nugget, who lives on the homestay as well. I loved the Krabilife experience and had a great time in Krabi, but now off to a night train ride to Kanchanaburi. 

Best Food: Massaman curry (not spicy!) 

Best Activity: Kayaking through Mangroves

Best Drink: Rong Way (very strong!)


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