Beach Bum Life in Koh Tao

Hey everyone! 

I have just finished my 5 nights in Koh Tao and all I can say is that this island was truly truly amazing! It was filled with everything from a really crazy nightlife to beautiful views both above and under the water. 

Upon stepping off the ferry, the crystal-clear blue waters of Koh Tao were mesmerizing! My first day already started off extremely quickly! I decided to take an SSI Open water scuba diving course at one of the local dive shops. This was probably the best decision I made so far; I mean I knew I loved to be in the water but this was unlike anything I've ever experienced! The sensation of being able to breathe under water and see the beautiful marine life was amazing. Our first 2 dives we saw the vast amounts of corals and fish I never knew existed. On to our third dive I experienced something I have always dreamt about ever since I can remember. We were about 17m deep when suddenly we got a glance of the tail end of a whale shark in the distance! Without chasing it, a few minutes later I was so so blessed to have it swim right under me. I was suddenly within a few feet of a massive 6 meter whale shark. It was even more beautiful than I imagined it to be, and I can honestly say it was one of the best moments of my life. We rode back to the dive shop passing boats and giving them the whale shark symbol, making each and every one jealous! They are very rare to see in the area so it really was a blessing! 

The nightlife continually got better by the day and there was always a ton going on. There were a group of young boys who were amazing with the fire staffs and could even light people's cigarettes without burning them! Most of us participated in the fire skipping or the fire limbo, which did get pretty hot! After a few drinks I even asked to try the fire staff and actually didn't do to bad, or so I thought. Another huge highlight of this was the Koh Tao Pub Crawl; the largest of Southeast Asia! This was a huge event and was a lot of fun! I'm proud to say LBW really killed it that night. We had the loudest and rowdiest chants. When the time came, people knew LBW was in the house. Upon visiting the lady boy bar on our third bar stop, one of them actually dragged me up on stage. Things got a bit freaky so I think we'll leave it at that. The night ended really well and with too many more stories to tell. 

On our final day in Koh Tao we definitely weren't slowing down. We hit the booze cruise early and had another really amazing day. We first visited Koh Nang Yuan, which is an insanely gorgeous island very very close to Koh Tao. We went up to the viewpoint on a hike and it is definetly now a chart topper for me. (I'll include a picture for you all). The gorgeous views of the white sandbar and its lined teal blue shores were amazing! For the next few hours we cruised the coast circling Koh Tao and drinking our faces off. We would stop at different points or bays to do some swimming and diving. I wasn't actually aware I could backflip like that, especially off the top. 

Overall I would very highly recommend visiting Koh Tao, it was a very small island that offered a ton to do. Everywhere we seemed to go there were really positive vibes. A must do activity is the viewpoint hike on Koh Nang Yuan! I would also recommend visiting Hippo Bar for some really good burgers and fries! 

Now off to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party! Thanks for taking interest in the memories I've made and the ones I have yet to make! 


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