After 2 days of travel, Blissful Bali.. I have arrived!

I arrived in Kuta in anxious excitement to meet up with the crew I would be spending the next 3 weeks with. I checked in and got my bags situated when Petty, our guide, popped in to take me down to the beach, where the others were gathered. I had a feeling there would be a decent age gap between me and the others in the group and wondered whether it might b an issue. I quickly realized it wouldn't be at all, when you all share a similar passion (in this case travel), conversation becomes effortless. I learned that quite a few of them had already met on a previous LBW tour to Thailand and there were also others who were following up this tour with a Thailand tour.

As we sat around the beach getting to know one another, a man showed up with a loudspeaker guiding people down to the beach all holding plastic containers. In those plastic containers filled with water were baby sea turtles that had been rescued off the beach as eggs, had hatched and were now being released back in to the ocean. He lined everyone up horizontally as if it were a race, counted to 3 and we watched as everyone released their turtle. Slowly but surely the turtles made their way to the shore line where they were whisked away by the tide. What an amazing experience and I was only an hour into the tour.

We went back to the hotel got dressed and went to a local spot for dinner and then Petty and Spicy (our other tour guide for our 3 weeks in paradise) brought us to the Sky Garden Club where we danced and sang the night away. The next morning we made our way back to Kuta Beach to prepare for our surf lesson! Now, being an avid snowboarder I was very interested to see how I'd do. Yeah... it's definitely different. The difference in the weight distribution was difficult to grasp but eventually (thanks to Spicy who was my wonderful instructor) I was able to stand up right and catch my first few waves. It was such a blast but man was it exhausting! I worked up an appetite so Petty suggested I order some Mie Goreng, which are fried noodles topped with a fried egg, and it most certainly did not disappoint. I have a feeling I'll be eating my fair share of Mie Goreng as this trip progresses.

Kuta Surfing4.JPG

Our 3rd day we gathered early to head out for a full day of activities. First spot we went and did watersports, a few of us opted for zipping around the ocean on a jet ski (or wave runner) while others did parasailing. From there we loaded back up in the van to hit up Pandawa Beach for some sun, swim and relaxation (and a couple of Bintangs, their popular local brew). When we were finished here we went to explore the Uluwatu Temple in time for the traditional sunset Balinese dance. The views were absolutely incredible and the cliffs reminded me slightly of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. We were able to score seats high up in the amphitheater in the back where a view of the temple on the cliff was to our right. As we waited patiently for the performance to start I watched as the sun sunk slowly on the horizon and the sky morphed into various orange and pink streaks. The dance started and was performed to the chanting of a men's chorus in place of traditional music. It was fascinating interpreting the story through their movements, I especially loved the intricate way the women moved their hands.

That about wraps up our time in Kuta. It's been a great few days getting to know each other and I'm looking forward to moving on to Ubud to see what adventures are in store for us there! 

“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown." - Anthony Bourdain

Hello all! My name is Renée, I’m from Boston, Massachusetts in the US and I’m leaving on the Blissful Bali trip in less than two weeks! I caught the travel bug years ago and have been on the go ever since always looking for the next adventure and the next place to explore as my funds will allow. I decided I wanted to plan a big once in a lifetime trip for my 30th birthday (yes I’m 30 so I just made the cut off but I promise I can hang with the best of them). Originally I had planned on a trip to Paris as my birthday is on Bastille Day but then I got it into my head that that since Bali was on my bucket list now was a good as time as any to go exploring. I had asked some friends if they’d be interested and no one really bit so I thought, screw it, I have to do this so and so began the search. I was scouring through lists and lists of Google results when I stumbled across Life Before Work and it looked like everything I could have asked for: a seemingly perfect mix of excursions, relaxing, partying and, best of all, experiencing the Balinese culture. So here I am traveling solo to the other side of the world to hang out with a group of strangers. There are so many mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety… this is by far one of the craziest things I’ve done! With everything going on in the world I’m happy to have yet another opportunity to experience another culture, I think the world would be a better place if everyone had the chance to do so. [An added bonus to this trip is a stopover in Dubai for a couple of days on my way home where I’ll get to also experience the Muslim culture during Ramadan] 

I can’t wait to share my stories of all of our escapades over the next few weeks. Stay tuned because this is going to be one hell of a trip!

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