The Adventure Continue's

Our Central American adventure continues, and I feel without a doubt that this is one of the happiest and most enlightening experiences of my life. 

After driving through some of Costa Rica’s pristine jungle landscape, we arrived at the quaint surf town of Santa Teresa. Out of everywhere I have been in Central America thus far, Santa Teresa has been my favourite. The town is small enough to keep masses of tourists out, but large enough to accommodate a beautifully diverse crowd. Santa Teresa’s landscape teeming with beauty. The town’s primary road is situated about 150 yards away from the beach which seems to preserve its natural vegetation and feel. I’m having a hard time putting into words the amazing scenery and energy of Santa Teresa, but will most certainly be returning. 

Immediately after arriving to town and checking into our hostel, we walked onto a beach to find some head high swells. Soon after I rented a surfboard and paddled out into some of the best waves I’ve ever ridden - and the rest of the group members soon followed suit on the smaller waves nearer to shore. After exhausting ourselves in the ocean, we were treated to the tranquility of yet another epic sunset - followed by some delicious Mexican cuisine to recharge. 

The next morning, I headed out for another surf session at the crack of dawn (6AM) and found bigger waves and more even serenity. Other members of our group took a yoga class and/or went for a run on the beach before a hearty breakfast and a day of beach bumming. It was nice to have a day off from scheduled activities, and each member of our tour was able to enjoy Santa Teresa on their own terms. Again, the beauty of Santa Teresa’s beach kept us on the sand to watch mother nature paint another masterful sunset. This blogger spent the last hours of daylight surfing overhead waves & photographing some lovely Swedish ladies practicing yoga. 


The next day, we switched off beach mode and rented some ATV’s - our guide Mike knows how throw down on these bad boys! He led us through brilliantly fun dirt roads as we headed towards Montezuma and a tiered waterfall park. We hiked through the park to find 3 separate waterfalls - all with points on which to swim, climb, and cliff dive. The cool freshwater was exactly what the doctor ordered after getting covered in dust from the ATV”s and sweating from the hike. Those of us who decided to take the leap off of cliff about 35 feet high continued to fuel what seemed like a constant stream of adrenaline. Engaging in such physical activity while surrounded by natural beauty gave me an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards the simple joy of being alive and able bodied. 

After a delicious waterfront lunch and more ATVing around Montezuma, we explored another beach oasis - complete with caves, crabs, monkeys, and cool rock climbs - and headed back for gas and a pizza dinner. To send off the group members heading home the next day, Mike took the lead in organizing a bonfire on the beach under a near full moon and stars. Bring on La Fortuna!


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