The 6 most beautiful beaches in Turkey

The 6 most beautiful beaches in Turkey

With mile upon mile of rugged coastline, running all the way from sprawling Istanbul in the north to the paradisiacal Aegean islands and the Turkish Riviera in the south, it’s hardly surprising that this land of shisha pipes and kebabs, ancient ruins and perpetual sun is where LBW’s Mediterranean YachtLife finds some of its most beautiful beaches.

Then there are the other eye-wateringly wonderful coastal spots in Turkey that don’t make it onto our trips, hidden off between the mythical mountains of Antalya and elsewhere – just so there’s still something to explore once you’ve left the boat…


Meteor Beach, Bodrum

A slinky little stretch of yellow-hued sand that strings its way between the booming green palm trees on the edge of the Bodrum Peninsula, Meteor is a fine spot for kicking-back, relaxing and catching some Turkish rays. Whitewashed condos and luxurious villas cascade down the hillsides immediately behind the sands, while yachts of all shapes and sizes glimmer on the aquamarine bay waters. Shallow and perfect for casual swimming, the beach is one of the first stops on our Mediterranean YachtLife itinerary – a fine introduction to Turkey’s beautiful coast as a whole!

Kabak Beach, Ölüdeniz

Hidden at the end of its very own coastal inlet some 40 minutes by car south of Ölüdeniz proper, this secluded cove offers a taste of the old Turkish shore, back in the days when long-haired hippies and New Age types flocked to the Aegean for yoga and free living. It also happens to be a truly beautiful spot, with just a dash of yellow sand marking out the deep-blue of the water from the flood of mastic trees that dress the surrounding mountains. Nice.


Kaputas Beach, Antalya

Much-photographed Kaputas is famed for its walls of red-hued rock, which rise like some ancient fortress all around the shimmering pebbly sands and the Aegean Sea. Great for yachters thanks to its deep shore waters and proximity to the dive mecca and historic Lycian town of Kaş, the beach comes strewn with large boulders and loaded with gorgeous broadside views of some of Turkey’s tiny coastal islands. It’s also a top spot for swimming, boasting calm swells for much of the high season.

Türbükü Beach, Bodrum

Türbükü Beach is a luxury seeker’s dream come true. Loaded to the brim with palm umbrellas and recliners, cushioned cabanas fit for a sultan, and bobbing cocktail joints set over the sparkling waters of the Aegean Sea, this beach is a place to unwind with a mojito at the ready. A place to enjoy butler service with the scent of the nearby eucalyptus trees. A place to glug ice-cold beers in the company of new friends, and watch as the sun sets over the rugged cliffs of Göltürkbükü in the west. Sold yet?


Patara Beach, Antalya

Trodden by sea turtles and backed by crumbling Lycian ruins of the ancient age, long and winding Patara Beach goes for more than 17 kilometers along the southern contours of the Turkish Riviera. Enfolded by walls of undulating sand dunes and the occasional grove of spear-like Spanish pines, this one’s a picture of seclusion, offering endless empty stretches of yellow shore, boulder-dotted sands and a distinct lack of any hotels and touristic development. Yep, you might just need the hiking boots to get there too!

Çıralı Beach, Antalya

Off-the-beaten-track Çıralı Beach draws nature lovers and loggerhead turtles alike during the summer months, not to mention its fair share of culture vultures and history buffs in search of ancient Olympos (a 2000-year-old city with Roman ruins) and the fuming fire holes of mythical Chimaera rock. The beach itself is truly gorgeous too, set amidst seas of pine forest and in the shadow of several soaring coastal mountains.

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