Thaiventure Chronicles: Part 3

Thaiventure Chronicles: Part 3

It’s a bitter sweet feeling I have, in writing this I must come to terms with the fact that the tour is almost over. But looking back I can’t be more than satisfied with what we accomplished in what felt like minutes of being here.

This last leg of the tour was by far my favourite as coincidentally my 26th birthday fell upon the day we visited the elephant haven sanctuary in kanchanaburi. To have been able to stand along side these majestic beings and traverse through the jungle with them provided me the most unforgettable birthday ever. I will never forget swimming with these gentle giants and how beautiful they really are I’m so happy LBW chose to visit an ethical sanctuary where we know their welfare is the only thing the owners have on their agenda.


We got the honour of visiting the war museum where we stood upon the bridge over the river qua, and through one of the tour guides we were educated on some of the atrocities Thailand had to endure during the Second World War. It was a privilege to learn how even then when Thailand had a juggernaut like japan forcing them into submission they still fought to keep their pacifistic tendencies. I learned that they had colluded with Britain and provided intel in hopes of bringing peace to their land.


This I felt encapsulated the overall presence I felt from the culture and inhabitants of Thailand since I set foot here. The Thai people really are genuinely the most respectful and grateful people I’ve ever collectively met. Their way of living has resonated so much with me that I went ahead and got a tattoo of a quote regarding one of the buddhists 8 tenets.

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I’m utterly infatuated with this country and it’s attributes. I will never forget my time here thanks to LBW and their amazing staff! 

My name is ken chavarie and I’m from Ontario Canada. I’m 25 years old and am a personal trainer. This trip is the first time I’ve travelled anywhere by myself and expect to come back after an entirely different person. I toyed with the idea of going away for the holidays for sometime and now looking back at my reluctancy and unsureness I’m utterly lost as to why I had any doubt about doing it. I’m an outgoing person who has a passion for trying new things, meeting new people and participating in endeavours that challenge me mentally and physically. I write this having underwent a third of my 3 week stay in Thailand and can assure you that the only regret you will have when choosing to do a tour with LBW is that you didn’t do it already. 

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