Thailand!!! Where to even begin??

So, as crazy as it may sound this is my first trip ever, and I chose to take on 6 weeks in Thailand, approximately 7600 miles from home! Needless to say, I was extremely nervous!! Much to my relief the moment I met up with the guides in Bangkok I knew I was in good hands and I was prepared for everything ahead!

Our first 2 nights in Bangkok were… Something else! There was a lot to adapt to, seeing as how it is COMPLETELY different from home, to say the least! To be completely honest, the moment I arrived in Bangkok I could tell that it wouldn’t be my favorite stop on the trip.


The weather is extremely hot with no relief from any breezes or bodies of water, it’s dirty, and due to the street vendors everywhere the stench from the food in the heat is a little harsh! But after a while the shock wears off and the fun begins! The guides took us out and showed us how to truly enjoy the real experience that is Bangkok! The nightlife is incredible on Koh San road at night and during the day it transforms into my paradise… shopping central! Sooo many shops with super cheap jewelry and clothes. On our first full day in Bangkok we went to Wat Pho Temple. This is where you can see the reclining Buddah. This excursion was incredible! Everything was so elaborate and beautiful, I had never seen anything like it! Overall, I can say that I have grown to love Bangkok and all of its insanity! I have already made SO many unforgettable and amazing memories with some of the most beautiful and genuine people I’ve ever met! I can only imagine what the rest of the tour will bring and I can hardly wait to soak up everything that the next 5 weeks has to throw at me. Until next time, drink lots of water and wear your sunscreenxoxo


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