Thailand NYE Bloggers: Meghan, Rui, Colby

Thailand NYE Bloggers: Meghan, Rui, Colby

Hi Fellow/Potential Travellers!

My name is Meghan. I was born and raised in Minnesota, one of the long forgotten northern states in the U.S. of A., and like many forgotten places, we are actually quite lovely to visit (only in the summer if you can't handle well below-freezing temperatures).

I will be traveling to Thailand this December with three of my closest friends from college. We're doing a sort of "Life During Work" trip.

My love for travel was not innate. I wasn't even that jazzed about it for the first 20 years of my life. When I was a junior in college I decided I should study abroad. I wasn't psyched about it but I felt like I should experience everything once (I had already traveled to Mexico and Canada, but as close neighbors to the U.S., they were hardly satisfying my urge). Therefore I signed up for a month in Uruguay (another lovely, but oft forgotten place), and I was hooked. It was very different yet I could still see similarities to the U.S., which was amazing when you were so far away. The people were kind and the scenery beautiful. I knew I wanted to do this again and again.

Fast forward a few years and traveling everywhere has become pretty much my only life goal. I try to leave the U.S. at LEAST once a year so when one of my friends from college brought up a trip to Thailand, I was in! One of them had stumbled upon the Life Before Work (LBW) website looking for a travel program to Thailand. Once they shared the link with the group, we knew we were going. The Thailand NYE program was the perfect choice because it was short enough to accommodate our busy work schedules, but long enough so we wouldn't feel rushed. The long list of activities LBW had planned was a bonus. I am personally overjoyed we will get to meet elephants :) 

I'm looking forward to finally landing in Bangkok and starting to explore a brand new country. Can wait to share some of my adventures with you!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Rui, and I will be going on the NYE Thailand tour with LBW in the next couple of weeks. I am 22 years old from Boston Massachusetts, and I am still currently a senior at University of Massachusetts Amherst. I've always been an adventurous spirit and have been bouncing from place to place since I turned 18. The first 3 years, I did a fair amount of festival/travel hopping throughout the States during the summer since I have school most 75% of the time. I have been all up and down the East Coast, New England, Colorado, Midwest, Vegas, and Puerto Rico. Last winter/year was my first time out of the States, where I have traveled through various parts of Canada, Bahamas, and Mexico. Most of the time I travel by myself and just kind of winging it, till I make it. This is my first time traveling with a planned group and so faraway from home. I have always wanted to do Southeast Asia and after hearing about LBW Yachtlife from a friend, I was sold on coming with LBW. (Most likely doing Yachtlife Croatia later on this summer)

I am plenty of excited to meet everyone and travel with a solid group for 2 weeks. Oh, and I will be continuing up North to Chaing Mai after the tour ends, so anyone adventurous enough to join me, hostel hop, for a couple more days before I leave on the 14th of Jan and back to my boring school life. 

Enjoy the Holidays folks! 



Hey guys!

I’m new at this blogging thing so bare with me here; but in all fairness I’m also new to this travelling thing, so I guess there’s firsts for everything! Let me tell you though, as I write this I am newly arrived at our first destination for the trip, the lively city Bangkok, and I can already tell you this trip was an AMAZING decision! 

My name is Colby, I’m 19 years old and a current student at MacEwan University, Edmonton AB, studying to become a medical assistant. After a very stressful semester and nearly a month off, I thought, ‘why not do something worth while?’ and so here I am! I had known a couple friends who have travelled with LBW and had nothing but good things to say about the company, and the people who coordinate, organize, and tour along. LBW- Life Before Work, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. We have the rest of our lives to work, so I am making it my goal to live a little before hand, and thanks to this company, that’s exactly what I am getting to do! 

Absolutely everything about the Thailand, NYE Special trip stood out to me, from the cities, the shopping, of course the famous Full Moon Party (especially on NYE, what an lifetime experience that will be!), the hikes, and of course, elephants!

I have to say as a young, solo traveller, I grew pretty anxious up until arriving; will I make friends? What if something happens? Do I have everything I need? Let me tell you, there is absolutely no need to worry. Within minutes of meeting each other our group clicked and instantly nervousness turned to excitement from myself and my fellow travel mates. We spend the first night exploring the beautiful and very lively city of Bangkok, today once again exploring and hiding in every shaded spot from the intense heat! But now we're off to see the Temples, and then more traveling to our next temporary home, so wish us luck!

Merry Christmas All and Happy New Year :)"




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3 Countries, 10 Bus Rides, 2 Boats, 4 Planes.