Thailand Bloggers: Brandon & Faith!

Thailand Bloggers: Brandon & Faith!

Hello LBWers! 

We have two bloggers to introduce to you that will be writing to us from our upcoming Taste of Thailand and Treasures of Thailand tours this month to start 2016 off right!

We look forward to hearing more from Brandon and Faith while they venture through Thailand with us, so stay tuned!


Hey guys and gals! My name is Brandon and I am 21 years old! This January I will be traveling to Thailand with the LBW tour group starting with the 6 week Treasures of Thailand tour. To tell you a little about myself I come from a relatively big city in western Canada called Edmonton. Although it can get quite cold in the winter months, fortunately we do not live in igloos here. I've decided to take a few months before I finish my last intake of schooling to do some much desired traveling! I'm studying to be a Steamfitter & now serves as the perfect time to travel before adulthood fully kicks in. I mean adulthood is basically just googling things instead of asking mom. 

I am growing increasingly excited as the beginning of the trip quickly approaches. Thus far it looks as if we have a really awesome group of individuals going together. I chose LBW because the activities, and destinations provided a good amount of diversity with cultural experiences and relaxing scenic destinations (I won't say the long list of nightlife activities didn't also catch my attention). Another aspect was that it is essentially stress-free considering there was very minimal planning for such a long trip! After signing-up, I had also realized a distant cousin of mine did one of the same trips. When I asked him of his experience I knew surely this was not an experience I could pass up. 

With the trip fast approaching I have last minute decided to blog while I on the trip. I've actually never blogged before and I'm very new to this so bear with me as I try to share most of my experiences abroad; both good and bad. Like most other individuals my age, I've decided to experience "Life before work" by traveling. Having visited places like Mexico, Cuba, Alaska, and many other neighboring states, I have never traveled outside of North America. I expect Thailand to be a totally different experience of both culture and landscape, unlike anything I have yet seen. Being a solo traveler I had a few concerns like "What if I'm the only one going alone?". Turns out there is over a dozen other really cool people traveling solo on the same tour. 

I look forward to the countless laughs, memories, stories, and most importantly buckets we will share upon this trip. Thank you for taking interest in my blog and happy new year to all of you! 


(Sa wat dee kah) - hey everyone! 

My name is Faith. I recently just graduated from Notre Dame Highschool in Red Deer AB. I have lived a bit of everywhere but have always bounced back to a zestful, quickly growing town called Sylvan Lake. A place of chaos in the summer. It's always full of life with an abundance of different people and cultures travelling to vacation at the lake. My life is constantly on the move as I never stop! (Literally) I yearn for more in life which is where my passion for travel begins. 

Originally my friend Michaella and I were hoping to travel somewhere that could enhance our Spanish, regarding that we both took it through out highschool. With reference to that, we chose the Taste of Southeast Asia tour (which combines the Taste of Thailand & Blissful Bali tour) because of its intriguing itinerary that stood out right away to us. With the desire to continue on my route to be fluent in Spanish, I know other opportunities will come along for travelling to those destinations. Between departure dates and financials this tour was the right choice for myself at this point of time. 

I chose LBW to travel with because they make travelling so so simplistic. It's safe and very accommodating to its travellers. This is the perfect time for a trip! It's right before I have to step into the real world where I will be attending university for anthropology in the fall. So stay tuned to hear about the crazy adventures we will embark on, on this 40 day experience of a life time!! 


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