Teaching in Thailand!

Back home in Canada I am a certified teacher. I have a five-year undergrad degree from Laurentian University in Ontario and I have been supply teaching since May of 2013.

When I first starting supplying I hated it, I would lie in bed saying to myself "please don't let the phone ring, please don't let the phone ring". I would book days off for no reason at all and I applied to other jobs that in my mind were better. But then I began to realize I'm a really good teacher, like really good.

I've been working with kids since I was twelve and I adore them but while supplying I quickly picked up on some teachers who loathe their jobs. Teachers who come into the staff room and begin ranting about how much their students annoy them, or the teachers who yell at kids all the time, I don't understand this. I began supplying more often, and soon I was teaching kids over and over again and was recognizing them, I soon started having kids say things like "Miss Wyer is here!" "Can you come back tomorrow?" And "you're much nicer than our regular teacher". I even had kids make me cards some days. So with all that in mind, some days I do consider teaching as a career. Too bad the education system has changed so much since I was in school; kids get away with so much more, and the quality of the school work has gone way down.

I was so excited for our day of teaching in Singburi and when we arrived at the school, all the kids looked so happy to see us. I jumped right in and volunteered to go first for all the activities we had planned. We acted out animals for them to guess, we sang songs for them, we taught them some dances and they taught us things in return. We had a lunch break and I wolfed down my food so I could go play with the children. They were staring at my eyes because they aren't used to seeing blue and green eyes. I played patty cake with them and I would try to ask them questions and vice versa and every time I answered in English, saying that I couldn't understand them, they would laugh at me. At one point, one girl grabbed my hand and we started skipping around the yard, other kids followed and then they led me to the library. There I tried reading to some of them but they were so excited they couldn't sit still. So then they put on a puppet show for me. It was really cool because they would continue to speak to me in Thai even though I couldn't understand them, of course I was able to guess what they were saying based on what they were doing. After that we joined the big group and did some more activities together like playing "London bridge is falling down" and "what time is it Mr. Wolf". By the time we had to leave, none of us wanted to because the children there are so amazing. They have so little compared to us, and therefore knowledge to them is in a way entertainment; unlike some kids I've taught back home, they actually want to learn and are so curious about it. It was a really touching experience, and we all got so many hugs at the end of the day.

We were staying at a homestay here as well and it had one room with mattresses all over the floor and a tv with movies! As I've said I love movies, so was really looking forward to having a quiet night/slumber party with everyone. However they put on a movie I've already seen so I snuck back to the kitchen to eat some more crepes we had gotten for dessert as there was lots left. I was two crepes in when I was joined by a friend. He and I got into a life chat about books, and travelling, and a whole bunch of other random stuff and were joined by other friends. We ended up talking up until the movie ended and once again I was so thankful just to be able to have a decent conversation with someone. It was a great way to end the day. 


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