Tarzan Life

Thank goodness I’m finally here! I flew to Lima last night from the Dominican Republic where I was doing a volunteer trip. Including the two flights, cab rides and layovers I was travelling for what seemed like an eternity (wasn’t actually that long haha).

This was my first time flying out of North America completely by myself and let me tell you it’s so much different without a friend, not bad but time passes like molasses. I’m proud I did it though, and the LBW staff was very patient with the couple of panic attack emails I sent them! I’m here though and don’t have to think about airports for the next 3 weeks, which without a doubt are going to be blissful. I booked my own flight and got in quite late so I hopped in a cab and used my top notch Spanish skills (including an impressive 5 words).


Lima is a beautiful city with gorgeous architecture but the gloominess isn’t my cup of tea. Tomorrow we leave at 6:00am for Iquitos/The Amazon!! Can’t wait to get to know all the girls and guides!! We just spent an amazing three days in the amazon jungle outside of Iquitos Peru. After arriving on the island of Iquitos we made the journey to our jungle lodge by boat. The first step off the boat overwhelmed our senses with the sounds of the jungle, the smell of fresh air, the beautiful canopy of trees, as well as the staircase that led to the lodge which sits in the middle of the jungle. At the lodge all your meals are included which was the best news ever because none of us had eaten that day! To start off the days of planned activities we visited monkey island where we got to meet three different species of monkeys, a sloth, a toucan, and parrots. On the way back, the boat stopped in the middle of the amazon river for us to see dolphins and to jump in to swim. That night we stayed in the main building of the lodge playing heads up, having a couple beers, and making some new friends who were also staying at the lodge.

Day two we started off the day by going piranha fishing and then did a nature jungle hike (not many people can say they have swam AND fished for piranhas in the amazon river). On the last day we ventured deep into the jungle to meet a local tribe who welcomed us into their culture. We got to try out their weapon of choice, a blow gun, and dance with the locals. After eating lunch and packing up we got back into the boat to venture back to Iquitos. Saying goodbye to the jungle and our new friends was sad but we are all excited for the next adventure that is coming our way.


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