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Top 8 Reasons to Live the YogaLife

Imagine the jungles of Krabi at your back, the sounds of swinging macaques echoing through the palm boughs. Then add the scintillating rollers of the Thai Andaman, lapping rhythmically against the karst cliffs and picture-perfect beaches of the shore. Drop in a group of likeminded travellers all eager for a blowout in the Land of Smiles, not to mention daily classes of yoga that push the body and mind, a regime of healthy smoothies and not-so-healthy Chang beers, the opportunity to scuba through coral reefs and the succulent flavours of the Thai kitchen. Bingo: that’s the YogaLife. As if you needed eight more reasons to go and live it!


After spending a very relaxing 4 days on the island it is time to go home or to other travels. Koh Phi Phi is a gorgeous place and I highly suggest adding it to your Thailand travel itinerary. Not only is it really close to Maya Bay (where The Beach was filmed) but it has some really amazing viewpoints to hike up to.


Days are moving by pretty fast here in Krabi with Rong and his lovely family giving us everything we could need. Day #4 was the day we did the jungle trek to a waterfall just a few minutes away from the homestay, no matter how many times you see something here in Thailand every time you go back you get a different experience. The first time I did this trek I thought it was a never ending walk but when I did it a second time it so much more magical and relaxing because in all honesty the trek isn’t all that bad.


The past 2 weeks have been a complete change of pace. I basically left my life in Miami to shed layers of stress and misconception of my life.  The intense bartending job that I somehow levelled out with my zen yoga teaching job has somehow come to an ease. And while I've come to realize that the deeper i dive into the unknown, the more comfortable I feel. I'm tapping into this alternate reality that feels so different and so safe at the same time, so here's my journey. Follow me and enjoy.