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Koh Tao - Testimonials From An LBW Traveller

Dark and slightly wet we set out on a bus for the long haul. 10 hours of what was supposed to be watching movies and sleeping turned into bonding time. About half of us ventured downstairs on the bus for some drinking games. In the last 48 hours I had only slept for 6 hours so I chose to sleep. 2 hours into the road trip I woke up to the laughter and loud noises from below.

Memoirs Of Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most immersive and enthralling metropolises on Earth. It pulses with life, with scooters, with human cries. It vibrates with the clang of Buddhist prayer bells, and froths with the eager anticipation of first-time backpackers on the Banana Pancake Trail. Five years absent, I've finally returned…

Thaiventure Chronicles: Part 3

It’s a bitter sweet feeling I have, in writing this I must come to terms with the fact that the tour is almost over. But looking back I can’t be more than satisfied with what we accomplished in what felt like minutes of being here.

Thaiventure Chronicles: Part One

It’s midday here so the pace is quite slow as an overcast sky showers a consistent mist. I welcome the weather as it brings a cool breeze and tame temperament to the people however, it’s hardly like this. When the sun goes down this little island becomes a completely different animal with bars fusing together at the beach bringing everyone closer with fire shows and a bustling night life.


Overhead, coconut palms rustle in the light gulf breezes. Sloshing waves lap against the shoreline, rolling off a turquoise-blue sea. Bamboo shacks sizzle with the scents of pad Thai noodle dishes and bubble with the chatter of backpackers two buckets down. Volleyballs bounce here, SCUBA teams prep their tanks there, and everywhere life is good. Welcome to the Thai islands.

Crazy Things You Might Just See On An Asia Tour

Asia has beaches and buzzing cities, it’s home to some of the world’s most eye-wateringly wonderful natural sights, it bursts with interesting history and flavours and it’s got some of the nicest locals on the globe. Still, none of that helps with the culture shock experienced by first time travellers on an Asia tour. Those folk will still have to deal with the curious nuances and traditions that have grown up in this vast continent over the years, and get used to the fact that what may seem weird and crazy in the West is totally fair game in these parts! Check out some examples…


Hidden behind one of the craggiest, most chiseled sections of clifftop on this stretch of the Andaman coast, and cut off from the bustling sand strips of Krabi proper by walls of impenetrable rock and jungle, little Ton Sai has managed to retain something of an off-the-beaten-path feel, even while spa hotels and luxury resorts begin to pop up on the beaches all around it.


From endangered dolphins weaving between rickety wooden river towns to Mughal temples and islands dressed in primeval rainforests, this list of Asia's top 12 hidden gems is fuel for that fire we call Wanderlust.


Knowing your mai khao jai from your sa wat dee was never going to be easy! But if you’re heading – like so many other backpackers - to the Land of Smiles this year, perhaps it’s finally time to get to grips with the tricks and twists of the Thai tongue. Not only will commanding a basic level of lingo put you in great stead when it comes to impressing the locals, but also be a helpful addition when you come to navigating through the beer bars of Khaosan Road, ordering up those frothy Chang beers, or finding out where the best beaches are in Phuket, Phi Phi and the other kohs of the south.