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8 Central American Spots To Spend That Spring Break

Ah, spring break: that blowout of booze and partying that everyone’s looking forward to. Yes, we know the beaches of south Cali or Florida are fun when the sun strikes and lectures recede, but why not try something a little different this year and head for the sultry reaches south of the border? You can expect everything from world-class surf to steaming volcanos, not to mention uber-cheap tequila shots, potent mojitos and more cerveza than you can shake a Nicaraguan gallo pinto at!

7 Reasons to Ditch the Smartphone & Reconnect to the World

Whether you’re an incurable tech head or just a casual phone user, a serial news feed scroller or a die-hard Instagram fiend, be sure to take a moment and peruse these reasons why it’s worth leaving the internet behind for a spell now and again. Hopefully they’ll get you engaged and reconnected to the world around you, conversing with strangers, and enjoying everywhere you visit to the full. It’s okay to disconnect once you’re done reading by the way…

10 Reasons To Pack Your Bag

Toying with the idea of a round the world trip? Just fancy escaping the rat race for a spell? Or, do you have something specific in mind; treks to the tops of the Himalaya; a surfing trip to Caribbean; a culinary adventure in Vietnam? Whatever’s got your wanderlust stirring, be sure to check this list of 10 reasons that’ll make it stir just a little bit more...

How to Plan a Hike on the Inca Trail

A traveler’s ticket to the great Lost City of the Incas, the winding tracks of the Inca Trail now represent one of the most iconic hikes on the planet. Thousands of people every year come to wax up the walking boots and hit the ancient paths that were first laid by the mighty pre-Colombian empires of South America all those centuries ago. 

A guide to the travel taboos of Southeast Asia

Ah, Southeast Asia: home to the Land of Smiles and the misty jungles of Laos, the great S-shaped nation of Vietnam and the gorgeous isles of the Philippines. Rarely has a place been at once so enticing and exotic, so beautiful and wild. From the paradisiacal beaches of Koh Samui and the party-mad beach bars of Haad Rin to the spice-smelling bazaars of Singapore’s Little India, the veggie eateries and yoga haunts of Chiang Mai to the mysterious Hindu temples of Bali, the region has plenty for the budding globetrotter. 

Choose the right Central America tour

With everything from misty rainforests to endangered species, picture-perfect beaches to monstrous volcanos, pretty colonial cities to sleepless parties on the sands of the Caribbean on the line-up for travelers heading to Central America, we know it can be tricky finding the itinerary that’s right for you. Cue this lowdown of every trip offered by LBW, which goes from Nica to Panama and boasts oodles adrenaline-pumping adventure travel and no-holes-barred hedonism alike. Enjoy!

6 differences between Vietnam & Thailand

If you’re thinking about making a beeline for the Far East this year but can’t decide between the legendary Land of Smiles or more far­flung Vietnam, then be sure to check out this list of six major differences between the two countries. (Of course, there’s always also the option of doing both in one fell swoop, and LBW even offer a Best of Both Worlds itinerary for those who really can’t choose!)

7 off the beaten Amsterdam spots

If you don’t fancy joining the tourist crowds and snapping pictures with call girls in the Red Light District or riding bicycles around the Vondelpark on your LBW Super City trip to the Dam’, then be sure to check out this list of the top off-the-beaten-track hotspots in town. There are tulips and breweries, recycled cafes and museums on boats – something for all!

8 cocktails that taste better abroad

Cocktails and holidays are a match made in heaven, and for the worldly backpacker, that means new drinks at every new destination. For this list, we’ve set aside the Chang of Thailand (and the infamous Changovers that go with it) and looked instead to the more refined side of imbibing, picking eight top cocktails from around the globe that will always taste better in the place they were invented. Cheers!

5 sultry tropical places to spend NYE

If you’re sick and tired of whiling away New Year’s Eve in the cold and icy reaches of the Northern Hemisphere, or just fancy heading somewhere totally different for that compulsory blowout at the end of the year, then be sure to check out this list of the 5 top tropical hotspots for NYE parties. It’s got everything from sun ­splashed Pacific beaches to salsa parties on the sands of Ipanema and jaunts through the Thai islands. Enjoy...

Travel Quotes & The Stories Behind Them

With everything from uplifting titbits by the American beatniks to possibly apocrypha lines from literary greats, this list of five awesome travel quotes and the stories behind them is sure to offer just a little food for thought. We’ve got stories of alcohol­induced wanderlust (yep, we’ve all been there!) and curious hobbit­related mantras alike. Enjoy...

7 travel hacks that'll make life on the road easier

Whether you’re a first-time traveler about to jet off into the unknown, or a veteran nomad with over 100 stamps in the passport, there’s always room for a few travel hacks. This list of the top tricks and tips for movers has just that, going from packing shortcuts to nifty ways to reduce the price of flights. Enjoy… 

The most beautiful Ionian islands in Greece

Though strung out along the turquoise-blue waters of the seas on the other side of Greece from where LBW sail away on our bucket-list-busting YachtLife Med trips, the Ionian islands remain one of the most beautiful archipelagos going. Lands of sparkling white sands and olive-dressed backcountry, whitewashed fishing towns and craggy cliffs punctuated by shipwrecks of centuries gone by, there’s little wonder so many travelers make a beeline to their shores each year. Perhaps you’d like to extend your time in the land of ancient temples and sun-splashed beaches for a jaunt through one of these gems…