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Panama nightlife: The top spots to party in the land of the canal

It's hardly a secret that the Panamanians love to party. Fueled by their Spanish passion and imbued with the exotic beats of the Caribbean, the folk of this Central American gem love to get out there and boogie the night away. They hit cocktail bars and surf shacks, they guzzle fruity concoctions in the bustling dives of Panama City and even join backpackers in the rustic venues of towns like David City and Bocas del Toro.

Traditions and Customs in Panama Culture

Ranging from the sparkling Caribbean to the roaring waves of the Pacific, dotted with mist-topped volcanos and cut-through by the great Panama Canal, there are few things that unify this small nation in Central America on the geography front. However, there's plenty to unify the place when it comes to Panama culture. Yep, with everywhere from Panama City to the smallest hamlets of the rainforests all joined together by a love of good rhythms, hearty food and a shared past, the destination is a truly fascinating one.