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Lazy Days And Long Nights On The Gili Islands

I remember gasping when my salt-washed long boat pulled into the jetty of the Gili Islands. I'd whizzed across the ocean from Senggigi on the far shores of Lombok, fresh from a week of mountain trekking, town hopping, and surfing on the remote swells. This place was the paradise I'd been searching for; a place ringed by cotton-white sands; a place peppered with lanky palms; and somewhere which had more ramshackle bamboo bars than you could shake a cold Bintang beer at. It was perfect. It was a great spot for a session of lazy days and long nights before making the trek back across the sea to Bali.

Bali's Top Off-The-Beaten-Path Destinations

Leave behind the hangovers and the surfboards of Kuta, Seminyak and the south, and head for Bali's other, wilder, lesser-known reaches, all courtesy of this LBW list of the top off-the-beaten-path places to visit on the fabled Indonesian Isle of the Gods.


Ah, the Gili Islands. This trio of paradisiacal sands and swaying jungle tops in the middle of the Bali Sea has risen and risen on the Southeast Asian Banana Pancake Trail. Backpackers of all kinds flock here from the shores of nearby Bali and Lombok. Some come to kick-back in the company of endangered sea turtles. Others come to plunge below the aquamarine waters and seek out multi-coloured schools of tropical fish amidst the coral gardens. Then there are the SCUBA buffs and PADI seekers, the yogis and the free divers. And then there are the hedonists, who come by their droves to the bamboo beach bars and raucous spots that line the shores of perfectly pretty Gili Trawangan: the undisputed partying king of the archipelago.


So, you've decided to travel to the Isle of the Gods? Great choice! We at LBW have been touring and exploring this jewel of the Indonesian islands for years now. We always have a blast. Between the fascinating fire dances of Uluwatu and the majestic cliff-backed beaches of Bingin, the misty jungles that shroud Ubud and the mighty volcanic domes of the north, there's oodles and oodles to do. But what about that all-important packing list? We've lined up some tips below. See you on the sands of Kuta folks…


Ah Bali: the fabled Isle of the Gods. This land of carved Hindu temples and smoking incense, lush jungles, swinging macaques, bustling bazaars, brooding volcanos and roaring surf swells has a deserved place amongst the big players of Southeast Asia. It can rival Thailand for beaches and Vietnam for its adventure. It can muster a party that would put even Bangkok to shame (sorry Khaosan Road!), and offers some of the most primeval backcountry in Indonesia – think mist-topped jungles and cascading rice paddies that bloom with 10,000 shades of green!


Stylish, sophisticated Seminyak, Bali, makes its home on the western edge of Denpasar city. Sandwiched between the surf-washed beach breaks of Kuta and the endless villas and seaside resort strips of Kerobokan, it's arguably the nerve center of touristic life on the so-called Isle of the Gods.

A gourmand's guide to Bali food

Some people come for the roaring reef breaks; crashing left to right around the coves and vine-dressed cliffs of the beautiful Bukit Peninsula. Others come for the raucous parties of Kuta and Seminyak; going on all night in the sky bars and bamboo cocktail dives that fringe the Bali Sea. Others come for the inland jungles and the beautiful vistas of cascading green rice paddies around monkey-dotted Ubud. Others to hike the volcanos and case out the wonders of the ancient Bali Aga folk on the island's northern edge.