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10 Reasons to see Iguazu Falls

Set deep in the heart of eastern South America, where the jungles of Brazil crash into the woods of Argentine Misiones, the great Iguazu Falls remain one of the most coveted tourist spots on the continent. It's easy to see why too! Hailed as the largest single waterfall system in the world, they are the stuff of records, wonders and superlatives. They are UNESCO-attested and have rarely failed to wow all who pass their way. Here are 10 reasons why you need to visit before you die…


One is in the east, the other is in the west. One speaks Portuguese, the other has Spanish and the ancient Quechuan tongue of the Incas. One hosts carnivals to rival any cultural festival on the planet, while the other touts the hidden historic remains of South America’s greatest ever empire. They both have beaches, and mountains, going from the sculpted Sugarloaf of Rio de Janeiro to the soaring snow-topped massifs of the mighty Andes, but differences abound. Yep, there’s no question that Peru and Brazil offer a glimpse at two sides of the South America coin. But which one should you travel to?


If you’re heading off to case out the wilds of beautiful Brazil with LBW Travel this year, then be sure to take some time out from Ipanema and the glowing sands of Ilha Grande for a spot of these Brazilian delicacies. They go from spicy fish stews to fruity concoctions packed with healthy goodness, and are the things any traveller heading to this corner of South America should be sure to sample!  

The most amazing natural landmarks to see in Brazil

Forget the cocktail joints of Ipanema and Copacabana, because we've put together this list of the top natural landmarks to see in Brazil. That means craggy peaks and dense rainforests, gushing waterfalls and sparkling sands, all topped off with primeval plant life, endless rivers and stalking jaguars to make you jump. Grab yourself a Caipirinha for this one, it's about to get beautiful…

Hidden spots you must check out while in Rio

Rambunctious, raucous Rio – loved by many and hated by few! This great party city on the edge of the Brazilian coast is a place to really crack the bucket list in half. It's got so many iconic sights you're bound to be as busy as a drag queen during carnival time as you flit between the soaring statue of Christ the Redeemer, sunbathe on the sands of Ipanema and Copacabana, sip Caipirinhas, and do all the other things people do when they head here for the first time. 

Rio De Janerio

I fell in love with this place, the moment I looked out the plane window as it started descending. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. The land was full of lush, green mountains and Rio De Janeiro was situated in them. All my worries subsided.

Day Two In Brazil

The brave ones of the group set off on an adventure of a life-time today. Hang gliding! Only a few us told ourselves to ignore the fear, and just do it! I mean, you can’t go to Brazil without ticking this off your bucket list!

An Introduction to Brazil

After imagining a cheap third world old broken down hostel, it was certainly a breathe of fresh air arriving at a colourful and welcoming hostel, Bonita. The afternoon kicked off with greetings from our friendly tour guides Mike and Leo, which soon lead to the group introductions and icebreakers – we certainly could pick a few party animals in the group.

Ilha Grande Paradise

Imagine a place in the middle of the ocean, where cars don’t exist, and the only way to commute is by foot or by boat; where palm trees grow sideways out of the ocean banks; where the water is so blue and unbelievably clear; where the beaches are all incredibly amazing; where everywhere you look the jungle and all its beautiful sounds surround you; this my friends is paradise and they call it Ilha Grande. Our stay in Ilha Grande was such a special experience.