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YachtLife: A Trip To Remember

We arrived on Saturday to meet up with LBW, as soon as we got to the Bodrum port we saw an incredible beautiful yacht, i instantly thought this was going to be one amazing trip. That evening all the tour guides got the group together to have dinner, once this was done we headed over to the famous Club Catamaran. The tour guides got us an amazing deal on bottle service and our crazy and enjoyable night began! 

7 Things That Made IslandLife The Most Unique Experience Ever

Imagine it: your own private island, the slosh of the pristine Caribbean Sea, the dreamy sight of swaying palms and billowing hammocks, endless sun and toothpaste-white sands. Seems too good to be true? Well it ain't! We've been dreaming of a trip like this one for years, where everybody lets loose and becomes one with nature. Now we've made it a reality. Hop aboard our IslandLife to become one of the LBW fam, and to experience one of the most unique travel itineraries ever created…

5 of the wildest destinations in Costa Rica

It’s hardly a secret that Costa Rica’s famed for its wild and untouched hinterland. Travelers flock from far and wide to see the wondrous cloud forests (one of the most endangered habitats on the planet), caked in millions of mosses and beset by eerie plumes of fog and mist throughout the year. Others come to scale the multitude of volcanos, bathe in bubbling hot springs, spot iguanas and jaguars on the jungle paths, raft the rivers – the list goes on! Mhmm, this jewel of Central America offers all that and more...

5 reasons to live the YachtLife

If you’ve been flicking through those travel brochures pining after the glossy pics of Southern Europe, looking wide­ eyed at the shimmering white pebble beaches of Croatia and the forever­ sunny eucalyptus ­dotted coastlines of the Greek Islands and Turkey, then perhaps the time’s right to consider opting for the YachtLife! As well as promising a summer spent checking off some of the most beautiful seas and sands of Europe, these itineraries boast raucous nights out, fine weather and the chance to meet likeminded people. Sounds good right?

5 Most Beautiful Aegean Islands in Greece

Ah, the blue, blue Aegean. This sun­kissed sea that marks the boundary between the Turkish Riviera and the Greek mainland is home to some of Europe’s most paradisiacal destinations. Take eerie, enthralling Delos with its ancient ruins, or party­mad Mykonos. Think of Rhodes’ enticing tavernas and beaches, or the wild hills of laid­back Symi. It’s all picture­ perfect stuff!

Ultra Europe

After day 1, it's time for 3 days of Ultra!! Absolutely insane and for those who love to rave, this is right up your alley. Some stayed out until the sun came out. Incredible venue and I love the fireworks. Before we went out, everyone gathered at the hostel to get all the info we needed for Ultra and the trip and to go over guidelines for boat rules.

Day 5 & 6 - Nicaragua

After ending San Juan del Sur on a good note, we trekked over to Granada, a bustling city of culture and Nica life. The historic churches and cathedrals surrounded by shops and restaurants were an exquisite sight. A trip up to the church bell towers gave a view of the entire city of clay rooftops.

Living the YachtLife

Sailing the Aegean Sea with #LBWYachtLife for a week aboard a luxury yacht was nothing short of stellar. With 27 excited soon­-to-­be-­besties from all over the world, 2 countries, 1 on-board DJ and endless #nofilter sunsets, I can't wait until I’m back at sea.