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The Best Adventures in Peru

You’ve seen the pictures, you’ve heard the stories – now, it’s time to start the adventure of a lifetime. If you grew up craving the adrenaline-pumping journeys that you watched on movies such as Indiana Jones, then Peru may either already be on the top of your

Crazy Things You Might Just See On An Asia Tour

Asia has beaches and buzzing cities, it’s home to some of the world’s most eye-wateringly wonderful natural sights, it bursts with interesting history and flavours and it’s got some of the nicest locals on the globe. Still, none of that helps with the culture shock experienced by first time travellers on an Asia tour. Those folk will still have to deal with the curious nuances and traditions that have grown up in this vast continent over the years, and get used to the fact that what may seem weird and crazy in the West is totally fair game in these parts! Check out some examples…

Bangkok Beaches: Sun, sand and sea

Thailand is a country of many guises. In the north there are the Karen tribes and their long-necked folk, the sun-scorched hills and canyons of Pai, and the mysterious temples of Chiang Mai. In the jungles of the center, you've got gushing waterfalls and beautiful winding rivers, along with rolling plains of rice paddies and the occasional stupa of the long-gone Siam kings. And then there are the cities, which pulse and throb with energy and action. 

A guide to the Thailand rainy season

It's called the Land of Smiles, but it could equally be called the Land of Sun. That is, it could be, if it weren’t for the torrents of the monsoon that crossed the country each year. Yep, just as you thought those shimmering Andaman beaches and the sparkling, sun-kissed bays of the Thai Gulf were always sunny, there comes a downpour of epic proportions. Streams pour down the dusty roads, the Indian Ocean gets peppered with raindrops, and the beautiful waterfalls of Thailand's jungle-dressed backcountry become stronger than ever.

Thailand: Culture and Traditions

There are plenty of reasons why Thailand remains one of those destinations at the top of the bucket list. Ranging from cotton-white beaches on the southern isles to wild mountains in the north, bamboo-built beach bars on the Andaman to rugged canyons on the edge of Myanmar, the nation has plenty of awesome spots up its sleeve.

Rio De Janerio

I fell in love with this place, the moment I looked out the plane window as it started descending. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. The land was full of lush, green mountains and Rio De Janeiro was situated in them. All my worries subsided.

Day Two In Brazil

The brave ones of the group set off on an adventure of a life-time today. Hang gliding! Only a few us told ourselves to ignore the fear, and just do it! I mean, you can’t go to Brazil without ticking this off your bucket list!

An Introduction to Brazil

After imagining a cheap third world old broken down hostel, it was certainly a breathe of fresh air arriving at a colourful and welcoming hostel, Bonita. The afternoon kicked off with greetings from our friendly tour guides Mike and Leo, which soon lead to the group introductions and icebreakers – we certainly could pick a few party animals in the group.

Ilha Grande Paradise

Imagine a place in the middle of the ocean, where cars don’t exist, and the only way to commute is by foot or by boat; where palm trees grow sideways out of the ocean banks; where the water is so blue and unbelievably clear; where the beaches are all incredibly amazing; where everywhere you look the jungle and all its beautiful sounds surround you; this my friends is paradise and they call it Ilha Grande. Our stay in Ilha Grande was such a special experience.