So Many Adventures!

Yesterday was a pretty crazy day that began at 5 am, and ended around 3 am the next day. We took an overnight train to Kanchaniburi and it was really cool. We had nice roomy seats that they turn into beds for you. If you've ever seen the movie "Some Like it Hot" with Marilyn Monroe in it, then you'll have a fairly accurate idea of what the inside of the train is like.

Curtains cover the beds and people hop around up and down the ladders and crawl over each other to move around the train. One friend played the movie "The Vow" on his laptop, so several of us sat on the floor and the surrounding bunks to see it. I hate going to bed without washing my face or brushing my teeth, but it's hard to do this on a crowded train. I slept in my clothes too which was not the comfiest. I didn't actually sleep much, I was on the top bunk and they kept the lights on the whole night. I was also rolling around so much with the movement of the train, safe to say we were all pretty grumpy when we arrived at our destination. 

We had to go from the train onto a minibus that brought us to our hotel. We had maybe an hour and a half there before we left to visit the waterfalls in Erawan National Park and they are beautiful. There are 7 levels of them in total and you can swim at most of them if you don't mind the fish occasionally biting at you. There is even one spot where you can slide down a rock into the water, and another waterfall that you can climb up through the rushing water (I did this and felt like a total badass.) By the time you get to the top you'll be tired from all the stairs and hills, but we arrived and of course wanted to take pictures under the falls but were slowed by some fake models. Note: I hate these people! Most people stand for a picture, smile, and then move on but then there is the photo shoot people. In this case, a Russian girl and her friend. The one girl seemed to think she was a Victoria Secret model, no smiling in her photos it was just her attempting a sexy pout with different poses, different positions, different spots, sweet lord get out of my way so I can swim! Ok end rant. Ironically enough when we had our chance to take pictures we made fun of them a bit, doing our own not at all sexy attempts at sexy pictures. It was quite fun. 

The past two days we went to the Tiger Temple (which was an optional activity) and the Elephant Sanctuary and it was amazing! I touched a full grown tiger, I walked one and then took pictures right next to them. I also went and played with a 4 month old tiger cub who is actually quite big. I fed him and rubbed his back, he even grabbed a hold of one leg and tried to bite me. As for the elephants, we got to feed them too; they reach at you with their trunks and grab whatever food they can reach. They roam freely around so they are walking with you at points and you can touch and take pictures with them whenever you want. Here, humans work for the elephants so we had to help prepare their food and go into the field and gather sugar cane for them. We also got to swim with them and sit on their necks in the water (the trunk and neck are the strongest part of the elephant.) All of the elephants have been rescued from somewhere and their stories are displayed near their feeding areas so you can learn about them. Both days were very very cool and each night featured a local bar known as the "10 baht shot" bar where a shot costs 10 baht (which equals about 37 cents back home in Canada.) There was also a bar across the street with neon lights and a pool table and dance floor for us to boogie on. I spent most of my time at the cheap bar though because I am cheap.

The first night there, I spent getting to know our new tour guide who will be with us until the end of the trip. We got quite drunk and had an awesome time talking and getting to know each other better. The second night we decided to have a costume party and everyone did so well! We totally did better than Halloween night. A bunch of us went to a night market for dinner and did some shopping for costumes. I opted to make a run to Tesco and spilt the cost of garbage bags and packing tape with my sister and made a glamorous garbage bag dress for a whopping 45 baht. Some people spent 1000 baht on costumes, but as I said we looked great. There was a group of nerds, some geeky tourists, a pin up girl, two girls dressed as dudes, lots of fun. We all got some stares on the way to the bar and were even applauded at one point. With everything that's been going on its been hard to find time to blog. So many activities, plus with constant bathing from all the sweat and all the napping from lack of sleep, and the desire to not miss anything makes it difficult to hide away and write. That being said, everything is going so well and it's fabulous and you're going to love it when you come! 


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