Singburi Home

Singburi was the true feeling of home. The six people rooms and popcorn can’t help but bring memories of camping. Peetim who runs the homestay in Singburi is the nicest lady I have ever meet.

She always made sure that everyone had whatever they needed and more food than you could possibly eat! This included middle of the night peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Yum!

The place we stayed at was so cute and since we were in the middle of nowhere it was nice to have great accommodations. We even had a couple movie nights where everyone cuddled in one room on the six beds and watched movies all night. It was so nice! There was an opportunity to go to the military training base for the day but that wasn’t my thing so instead a couple of us went to the local school to teach english. It was terrifying but so worth it! The rest of the group was gone so four girls were driven by two people that worked at the homestay and left at the school. The principal spoke barely any English and they brought us to a class room with no teacher. Here I was with no teacher, speaking no Thai, and the children not knowing English. It was amazing! We ended up playing games, counting, alphabets, tickle monster wars and by the end of it the children were all fighting to hug you. So much fun! We then had an opportunity to work with the children at our homestay.

What was really special was a  whole bunch of children came from a school as well as a lot of orphan monks. It was so fun to play with them and teach them. It really felt like I was making a difference! Every time they learned a new word or got something right they would have the largest smiles on their faces and were so proud. I mean what else can you ask for?

If you get a chance to go to Singburi visit Peetim and the children. You won’t regret it! 


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