It's like one big slumber party!

We said goodbye to Kanchanaburi and took a 4 hour bus ride to our next stop which was a homestay in Sing Buri. Upon arrival we were greeted by our host Peetim who was so welcoming and friendly.

Shortly after we were shown to our rooms which slept six, so its like a big slumber party!We had a delicious home cooked dinner and the rest of the evening was spent doing whatever we fancied. It really feels like you’re at a home away from home, if you’re musically talented you can head to the music room, catch up with loved ones using the WiFi, play ping pong or watch a movie in the tv room. Really is a super relaxed environment where you can chill out and recharge the batteries! The next morning we headed out to a local school to teach Thai children English.

This was maybe the most moving part of the trip so far. We were in groups of 3/4 and were each given a class to teach. The children are so friendly and willing to interact and speak to you..curious more than anything! After about an hour of teaching, each class gathered in the main hall for games which included, Simon Says, Mr Wolf and singing YMCA! The children loved playing Mr Wolf, something so simple but the smiles on their faces were so big! A couple of the guys on our tour Grant and Brady then played guitar and sang to the children, which they all really enjoyed.We then had to say goodbye to them which was really sad (amazing how after only a few short hours you can create a bond with the kids) but not before we took lots of photos to remember our time with them! Would have been great to spend the whole day there to see what a full school day is like for them, and sit in on some of their other lessons. Coming back out to Thailand to teach would definitely be something I would love to do, it was a very rewarding and moving experience. We then headed back to homestay for another amazing, home cooked lunch. I had green tea noodles and vegetables, always fun to try new things!After lunch, we took a short drive to visit orphan monks. We played games similar to what we had done at the school earlier that day. It was a lovely and moving experience, makes you realise how lucky you are!The next day we headed out to sunflower fields, which is exactly what it says on the tin…a field full of sunflowers! So pretty and amazing to see. We also visited a little market before heading back to the homestay to pack before we leave for Chiang Mai. Sad to leave the homestay and Peetims amazing hospitality, but as always, looking forward to exploring a new place!


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