Shit just got Rio!

I don’t know how else to better describe our time spent in Rio de Janeiro…After a lonnnnng day of travelling everyone finally arrived in Rio and the group met up.

It’s safe to say we weren’t quite “all there”, some of us more than others (Oktoberfest ladies), but that didn’t stop us from hitting up the beach right away. After testing out some Caipirihnas, the local Brazilian drink, (these drinks should come with a warning) and soaking up some rays, it was officially VACATION mode.

That night we had the best view from on top of Sugarloaf Mountain just as the sun was going down. It made for some stellar selfies. On Day 2, we had the most insane ride up to the Favelas (poorer neighborhood in Rio) and met up with Vincent, our awesome tour guide to explore the area and score some sweet viewpoints of the city! After an awesome supper and some R&R, we got ready for an all-night/morning boat party! Let’s just say we started off our trip with a BANG.

The party continued onto the beach where we all watched the sunrise (so cuuuute), some of us with more vivid memories than others….ha ha. Thank God the next day was Hangover Day and we played it pretty low key after partying till 6 am. We all kind of did our own thing and met up for supper later on. Our tour guide from the previous day managed to hook us up to watch Capoeira, a traditional Brazilian martial arts/kick boxing class that evening. Some of us even took a lesson and kicked some ass! (literally)! Day 4 was jam packed full of activities. We ALL (after being slightly convinced) went hang gliding, which was honestly UNREAL! The worst part of all was that it ended too soon!! After that we took a walking tour of the LAPA district and saw some cool touristy sights, like the colorful tiled steps that Snoop Dog and Pharrel chill out on in one of their music videos (we really should have filmed our own badass rap video here). But, one of the highlights of the day was starting a new LBW tradition of shot gunning beers at the top of Christ the Redeemer Statue…we may or may not have gotten some unimpressed looks and someone from our group may have gotten a curse placed upon her…BUT it was SO worth it. After another amazing dinner (Brazil has delicious food), we headed out to paint the town red at a local club! I think all of our inner-ganstas came out this night while we tore up that D-Floor! LBW Represent! The next day we checked out and said CIAO to our Bonita hostel and embarked on a bumpy ride to Ilha Grande. Although it seems hard to top our time in Rio, I cannot wait for what other crazy adventures this tour has in store for us.


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