Runnin' Koh Phi Phi

We arrived at the port of Phi Phi Island where we were met with sunny weather, clear blue waters and a serene landscape of palm trees and pretty people sunbathing and playing Frisbee on the golden sandy beach. 

For lunch we went to a little shack that is just around the corner from Harmony House, across from the tsunami shelter, that had the most delicious duck noodle soup I’ve ever tasted. I highly recommend that you pop in for a meal, or five, if you get the chance. 

That night our group was lucky in the dinner stakes when Darryl and Tenae finally received their cheese sticks and salmon steak that they had wished for since day one of their travels. 

The nightlife in Koh Phi Phi was solid fun. We hit up a few beach bars, watched some amateur Muay Thai fight nights and had many nice dinners around the island. 

Our accommodation was nice and cosy, which came in handy on the rainiest day we’ve experienced yet, as we pushed all of the beds together and enjoyed a movie day with snacks and drinks in tow. 

The island had many fun activities for the group. We went on a beautiful viewpoint hike, with a sunset that took my breath away. The weather also held out for our last day, giving us the opportunity to visit the stunning Maya Bay from the famous movie ‘The Beach’, go snorkelling around a small Island, and hang out at Monkey beach with a few cheeky chimps. 

For our last dinner we ate at Papaya restaurant, where the food is yummy and there is cat that casually sits in the fridge. Definitely a funny photo opportunity you must catch. 

Next stop: Krabi!


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