Riding the Tides of Railay

We took a colourful little long tail boat with the 10 of us on the 6-week tour to Railay. It was sad to say good bye to the three week tour :( as I made so many awesome friends in my two weeks with them!!

This tiny wooden speed boat took us from the mainland to the gorgeous little peninsula. It truly is what Thailand post cards look like; the water is blue, there are huge mountains, and colourful boats that scatter the coastline. There aren't even any cars or motorbikes on the island! The only transport is walking from end to end (which takes about a 20 min walk). 

The best and most intense adventure we did was the view point caving on the island. I thought I was going to fall off the ladders in the dark. But after we made it through, we got an amazing view of the two main beaches on the west side. West Beach has also been my favourite tanning spot! The beach was pretty clear, and the beach line is gorgeous, perfect Thailand view. Worst part of the Railay adventure was that everyone got sick!! It wiped out the team for two days, but luckily the pool was gorgeous and a great place to hang out and cool down while not eating anything. Railay was beautiful... Minus the sickness. So stoked for Koh Phi Phi tomorrow. 

Best Eats: Friendship Cafe

Best Adventure: Caving climb

Best Recovery: Sprite & Pringles & Thai massage


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