Railay Island Cruising

We had such a fun day the other day in Railay! We did an island tour and took a boat to visit some of the surrounding islands and I had such a great time!

The first stop, we put the anchor down near an island and had the option to snorkel; the second place we also weren't quite on the land, but we were next to a cliff side that had a rope ladder attached to it. If you're brave enough, you can climb up the rope ladder and then rock climb upwards until either you fall off or you find a good spot to jump. I chose to stay on the boat and watch some of my stronger/braver tour mates cliff jump. The third stop was a beautiful sandbar with white sand, clear water and swings! The weather was just perfect when we got here - not too hot, not too cold. I decided to lay on the beach and soak up the sun and I ended up having a little cat nap. 

When I woke up, it felt like I had been sleeping for days. After that it was back onto the boat and then back into the water. Sometimes the boat captains will throw food like rice into the water and a whole bunch of fish will gather right in front of you, I even held one very briefly before it swam off. Here we parked the boat and I was in the water snorkelling the whole time (by the way if you have a snorkel at home bring it!) We were again next to a cliff side and the current was so strong here it would pull you in and out while you were floating. Fun fact, the currents actually pull the fish too, also you can hear the fish chewing/eating. I was channeling Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" while being pulled around, I even swam close enough to the shore to sit under the cliffside in a little cave like opening. Then, right before I was going to get onto the boat, I noticed hundreds of fish right under the boat! They came sooo close to me, you're afraid to move cause you don't want to scare them. By this time most of us were hungry so we visited the next island where we had a lovely BBQ and then sat and watched the sunset. We were all playing around doing cartwheels and jumping for photos, we even made a pyramid of people hehe. The sunset itself was really nice, that plus the music someone was playing, and with being surrounded by friends - it's pretty special. 

The final stop of the day was really really cool. We visited an area that is known for its glowing plankton. That's right! The captain turned off the lights and one of the crew members filled a bucket and poured it out onto the deck. It's like a shooting star, this bright shiny glow of light that is gone too soon. I was so excited at this point I was pretty much pushing people out of the way so I could get into the water. Every time you moved a ray of tiny blue/green orbs lit up, you kicked and waved and they were everywhere. Just to clarify, it was dark outside at this point, the stars were out so you looked up and saw them, and when you moved your hands you made your own version of them in the water. I began doing somersaults and spinning and twisting with my mask on. By far one of the coolest things I've ever done, none of us wanted to get out of the water and go home after that. It was a bucket list item that I didn't even know was on there!


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