Pura Vida

Our skin has been salt washed by the ocean. Our feet engulfed by the warm and sponge-like sand beneath us. We've laughed, made lasting memories, and continue to experience beautiful Costa Rica together. 

There have been a plethora of activities to keep our hearts racing and smiles permanently glued to our faces. We've zip-lined over intensely green tree tops, rode horses through the jungle, and launched ourselves over mini waterfalls during some adrenaline pumping white water rafting. This day ended with a pore opening sauna sit, volcanic mud body wraps, and hanging out with our LBW family in some natural hot springs. Could you even think of a more amazing day?

20170716-IMG_7942 (1).jpg

The days continue however, the excitement and experiences are keeping pace. You can say we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived in Santa Teresa and were able to get a full days worth of riding about on ATVs. There were plenty of mud holes to hit, a trip to a mesmerizing waterfall, and a celebratory beverage at the end of the day. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 11.22.13 AM.png

We took in once in a lifetime views during our ATV tour although, there was something more precious awaiting in our future. An infinity pool welcomed our group that also provided something so breath taking, you literally have to see it to truly understand it. There were many photos taken as our friendships strengthened and you absolutely could not resist that sunset backdrop! A fire Instagram post to make your friends back home have some serious FOMO.


We've been awestruck by the many great things Tamarindo and Santa Teresa have given us. Fears being conquered, bewilderment, and an invigorating sense of discovery; we anxiously wait to take on La Fortuna. 


With love, from the beautiful Costs Rica.

Hey, it's me, Sarah! 

I'm a Canadian gal, grown in Alberta, who prefers to live life in the same way I prefer to eat my food... spicy! You know that feeling you get, when your food is hot? You breathe a bit heavier, your mouth starts to tingle with that fire, and your skin starts to warm... yet you go back for more, you dig in for that third, fourth, and fifth bite. I want to live my life with that kind of tenacity; to keep going back for another bite.

Go ahead, add the habanero, live a little!


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