Pub Crawls & Buckets

Hey Guys,

I'm writing this post while sitting on the beach. I literally have my toes in the water, ass in the sand, no cold drink yet though as it is not even 11 am yet.

That's not stopping some people though as I'm pretty sure some of my tour mates have already downed some buckets. We arrived in Koh Tao the other day and everyone likes it better than Bangkok.

Koh Tao is one of the many islands of Thailand; therefore, it is surrounded by ocean water, has palm trees, lush jungly country side, and plenty of sunshine. Our hotel is this cute little resort with bungalows and a coy pond, and is right across the street from the beach. We had a pub crawl last night visiting about 4...or 5 bars - trying to remember the exact amount but I cannot. Once again it was great fun, we got t shirts and had our names written on our arms at the first bar so that way we could easily meet other people on the pub crawl. There was about 160 or more of us all stumbling around from bar to bar. I had my first bucket at bar number 1 and mine was pretty good, Vodka and Sprite, which was closely followed by bucket number 2 which was what I like to call a "slushket" - a blue raspberry slushie with lots of booze in it. Yummy! The second bar was the pool party bar and within minutes of arriving the majority of people are in the water having chicken fights and what not. Be warned, if you didn't wear a bathing suit you are still going to get wet! If you wore one but aren't really in the mood to swim, you are still going to get wet; you will be thrown in by a friend or possibly even some random who thinks your cute and is hoping that once you hit the water you will suddenly find them irresistible. All in all - be prepared to get wet. Case in point, even though I was in a bathing suit I was thrown in with my clothes still on over top so I was dripping wet with no dry clothes. Luckily they do provide towels, I may have stolen mine but I felt I had earned it (shhhh! I still have it ;) .) By the time we arrived at bar number 3 everyone was quite drunk. Just to demonstrate, one of my male tour mates almost won a dance contest at the cabaret show that took place in this 3rd bar. I must admit I went home shortly after bar #5 but several people stayed out until 3 am. 

There is something about this place that makes you do things you would never have done back home. It could be the lack of responsibility here, the booze, or just working off a lot of stress that could have built up while at home. Whatever it is though, it's working wonders. Today we are competing in the "Beer-Olympics," an all day event that is filled with drinking games. I'll be sure to tell you all about it in my next post.


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