Peru Part Two: Testimonials From An LBW Traveller

Peru Part Two: Testimonials From An LBW Traveller

"Us Quechuas believe in living life in the present moment, because it is truly a gift....that's why it's called the present!" -Marco, Walking Tour Guide

Our adventure in Cusco, the heart of the Incas, started off with a bang as we walked into marching parades, blasting music, and proud Peruvians chanting in honour of Independance Day in Peru! We took off on a walking tour of Cusco, and felt so inspired by Marco's (our walking tour guide) passion for Peru and Inca culture. He led us to a phenomenal food market full of fresh fruit and smoothies...and so cheap!! We had the most delicious lunch afterwards....alpaca skewers, and a fusion of Andean and Japanese cuisine which consisted of fabulous sweet potato, spicy avocado, and salmon sushi rolls! Yum! Some of the group took a lot of shooters and watched the fireworks as a perfect finale to the night. It was so epic!!!! Just a few hours later at 4 am, we were picked up to head to Rainbow Mountains, most beautiful hike. 🌈 The altitude at 5,000 metres really took the wind out of us, but the views at the top were absolutely breathtaking.

Immediately following Rainbow Mountain, we departed for the 3 day 4 night Inca Jungle Trek to...MACHU PICHU *jazz hands*. Some highlights along this epic trek included biking 50 km down a beautiful mountain, ziplining (in monkey position, tandem position and super candor position 😂), bathing in natural hot springs, white water rafting, and of course, lots....and lots....and lots of walking.

Those that stayed behind certainly had their days jam packed with authentic Peruvian chocolate making class...not only did they get to stir warm, chocolatey goodness with nuts and coconut, but they got to take the chocolate home too! The gang got in touch with their salsa skills at Chango's Night Club, where they danced all night to a mix of Spanish and electronic music. This followed a crazy night of dancing and predrinks at the Wild Rover, where there was a giant mix of people from all over the world.

Those who did not complete the Inca Jungle Trek had the thrilling adventure of renting motorbikes to the Sacred Valley, and they also explored the mind blowing salt mines.  They certainly did not miss out on seeing Machu Pichu, as they took a train in to Auguas Calientes for a mini overnight trip so they were able to bus to the top of Machu Pichu in time to watch the stunning sunrise.

Saving the best for last, the final trek was the day trip to Humantay Lake at Salkantay Mountain. This was STUNNING! Hues of aqua green, yellow, dark green, and turquoise fused together against an enormous glacier. #doyoueventrekbro

We also enjoyed some decently priced shopping (some a little more than others.....I literally spent all the cash I had). But WORTH IT! My backpack is now stuffed with beautiful jewellery, alpaca wool ponchos, mirrors, art, headbands, mittens.....okay, maybe I went overboard. Some noteable foods we tried include Alpaca skewers and Guinea pig stew.


I hope I have given you a bit of a glimpse of how incredible Cusco was! We could have literally spent a month in Cusco...the time flew by. That's it, that's all for next blog will include adventures in the Amazon Jungle and the notorious city of Lima!  🌃 🌲

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