Peru Part One: Testimonials From An LBW Traveller

Peru Part One: Testimonials From An LBW Traveller

Phew, the first week has literally flown by, and we are blown away by all Peru has to offer. We are all well-seasoned travellers and Peru is by far, our favourite!

If you consider yourself a well-travelled backpacker, but have not yet seen Peru, it is time to plan your next trip! From mountains, to beaches, to deserts, to national parks, there is something for everyone. A large contributing factor to being so amazed by what this country has to offer is our fabulous guides, Mike and Nilo, who share their enthusiasm and passion for the wonders of Peru.

Mike and Nilo met us on our first day and started the tour of with a bang by breaking the ice and talking about our craziest drunk story. After a quick walking tour, we had a few drinks and went to a karaoke party! Naturally this turned into singing Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" (on the tables), followed by an intense breakdance session involving the worm with no shoes on. (We love you, LBW)!

This was, without a doubt, a crowd favourite. How could it not be, with the breathtaking stars, a beautiful oasis, and the infinite miles of golden sand that stretch out into the horizon? We went sand duning, which was essentially....a roller coaster in the sand. It was freaking epic! There was a lot of screaming, laughter, and more screaming. We were able to chase the sunset sand board down the most massive sand dunes....seriously,  it felt like falling forever!  At night, we went out to Huacafuckingchina, because there's actually a bar called Huacafuckingchina. Amazing. Following this, we went to a Peruvian was so much fun! We danced the night away until 5 am, just pretending to know how to salsa, but mostly just wiggling and tripping on our feet. Good times!
Another epic highlight was having a bonfire underneath the unbelievable starry sky, seeing how ceviche was made (and then eating it, obvs) and getting a yummy pisco tour (and literally sweating and tearing up from the intense liquor).

We decided to backtrack and take the hour long bus ride back up to Paracas after hearing about the incredible National Reserve. Worth it? YUP! So we saw sea lions....and penguins?!? Swimming together, living in harmony, and sharing a few beers. Okay so there was no beer, but there may as well have been with how much fun they seemed to all be having together. Definitely the most unique pairing I've ever seen in one environment. We were then taken to a stunning beach!! The water was so blue! As soon as we got back to Huacachina, we were greeted with an all-you-can drink BBQ at our hostel! We didn't even have to move. Living the dream!

We arrived on a beautiful afternoon to the White City! Everything was absolutely stunning! So all the beautiful white buildings and churches are made from the volcanic white rock which makes for a WICKED fiery sunset
After a wine-filled evening full of phenomenal local food, we immediately signed up for Colca Canyon, a daunting trek that was to leave at 4:30 AM the next day. Try and think of a super difficult multiply that by 3. We were taken aback by the beauty, but also the immense amount of effort it took to complete the whole thing. In 2 days, we walked 24 km, at 3,700 feet. Oh and fun fact- 7.5 of those km was completely uphill. Would we do it again? Never!!! The amazing photo opps we got and the exhilarating feeling of finally reaching the top was intoxicating and made all of the effort worth it! This is absolutely not to be missed in Peru!

We are heading to Cusco tomorrow night and could not be more stoked to be at the heart of the Inca city! So much room for activities!!!
That's it, that's all! Until next time ;).

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