Partying in Bangkok

Hey everyone,

So I'm still less than a week into the tour and so far it has been absolutely amazing! We began in Bangkok and let's just begin by saying, what happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok. No no, scratch that. What happens in Thailand stays in Thailand!

Our hotel was very close to Koh Sahn road which is a very popular destination to shop and, of course, party. Every day it is a large street market where you can buy clothes, jewellery, sunglasses, food, basically anything you need.

The weather here well the heat is atrocious! Be prepared to literally sweat all day long, you will constantly have sweat running down your body somewhere so bring the lightest, sweat-proof clothes you can. 

At night, Koh Sahn road turns into a massive street party with every bar bringing out speakers bigger than me, folding tables, and tiny little stools. Before long every one has a bucket in front of them and is dancing and singing at the top of their lungs. You can also buy balloons filled with laughing gas here, I didn't try one until we got to Koh Tao but they are definitely worth a try. You know in Mario Kart racing where Mario gets a star and then music starts playing, and he drives really really fast for a short amount of time and it's all over too fast? Well it's just like that! I promise you the second you finish one you'll want to get another. Bangkok was also a great time to get better acquainted with everyone in the tour as we had our first official orientation and of course we all got drunk together for the first time. There was a lot of story telling going on and plenty of partying until the sun came up. Yes that's right, I literally stayed up until the sun came up one night. I wasn't partying the whole time, I spent most of it talking with new friends but it was definitely a night I will remember. 

Now if you'll excuse me the sun is calling me and I must go swimming, I'll write again soon. 


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