Panama Activities

Panama Activities

LBW Americas Director Mike White describes some of his favourite locations and excursions in Panama!

Jungle Quad (ATV) Excursions

In Boca Del Toro (where these are used as methods of daily transportation by locals) make sure to hop on an ATV for a day filled with adventure, jungle wildlife, and lots & lots of mud! We suggest beginning your day with your least favourite travel attire, and packing something a little cleaner for afterwards! Enjoy zipping through trails to discover some of Panama’s hidden treasures – rain or shine, this is one you can’t go home without doing!

10 (1).jpg

Underwater Reef Surfing

This may be something new to you (it just became a “thing” in 2005 after all) but once you see it, you won’t want to skip out on this! Underwater reef surfing allows you to glide just above the coral, holding onto a board pulled by a boat ahead of you, to get up close and personal with some of Panama’s exotic marine life!

Reef riding .jpg


On a sunny day, gather up a crew and go on a sailing adventure! If you want to learn how to sail, Panama is filled with various opportunities to do so. Otherwise, ff you just want to kick back, relax and work on your tan, you can join a sailing tour and just admire the incredible scenery and the mist of the ocean on a beautiful day.


Waterfall Hikes

In Boquete, you should definitely spend an afternoon visiting the 3 Lost Waterfalls on an exploratory hike full of flora & fauna. Be prepared to get in your cardio for the day on this journey, that can be challenging at times – but completely worth it at the end!

Traveller Tip Wear waterproof boots for this, as some trails can be steep and/or slippery – especially during the rainy season!


Coffee Plantation Tour

In Boquete, our travellers will get a tour of a coffee plantation, where you will be able to try some of the freshest coffee you will likely ever come across! Whether you like dark, medium, or light roast, or all of the above, this tour will showcase what it takes to create the perfect cup of coffee.



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