One Big Beach Party

We all took a chill day to prepare for full moon with some of us choosing to unwind with a beach day, a face mask or a peaceful lunch, while the jungle party people recovered from the night before. 

Around 6 pm the group gathered in the hotel lobby in our crazy tie-dye get ups and enjoyed the calm before the storm, chatting about our intentions for the night and complimenting each other on how awesome we all looked. 

When we reached the Haad Rin foam pool and bar we all whipped out our paintbrushes and got stuck into painting each other in beautiful patterns, LBW logos, various names and sayings, and certain inappropriate drawings that made for some absolutely hilarious pictures. 

After the first group photo was taken we made our way to Haad Rin beach, made famous for hosting a crazy party every month with thousands of party people in attendance. Full Moon Party. 

The night was absolutely crazy. The music hit you hard and the alcohol even harder, and being able to share this with around 60 other “LBDubs” created an unforgettable experience. 

We visited four different beach clubs, ate burgers and fries from the beach vendors, attempted to hang from a dodgy monkey bar for longer than 2 minutes in hopes of winning free alcohol, had funny karate matches with an old Thai lady, looked after our friends and partied until the sun came up.

Watching the sun come up with my LBW family was hella cool and I will never forget how happy we all were to be together in that moment. 

Full Moon Party: Mission Accomplished!


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