Oh Koh Tao. She's a Beauty!

I can’t believe we’re leaving Koh Tao already! It was definitely my favourite place so far and I wish I could stay here forever!

From the pub crawl to Island hopping to scuba diving, Koh Tao has kept us very busy and I’ve loved every second of it. It’s not as crazy as Koh Phanghan but it looks slightly classier and has a very pretty beach. The place where we were staying was made up of cute little huts and we had working AC woo! Although the entrance into the hotel was a bit sketchy and consisted of stepping stones through a pond… Interesting when you’re rather drunk (Ben can confirm). Some people decided to do the scuba doing course and got their open water qualification but others stuck to the beautiful beaches. The weather was amazing while we were there and the neighbouring islands were so stunning. On one of our boat journeys back from an island, it starting pouring down with rain and it was soooo choppy! I guess that’s what you get from going to Thailand during rainy season! At night, Koh Tao comes alive. Our hotel bar was a great spot with balloons and plenty of dancing.

Puuki and I even managed to find some cider that we’d been craving the whole trip! The pub crawl in particular was brilliant. Buckets galore and as many drunken shenanigans as expected. It is such a shame to leave but if I ever come back to Thailand, I know where I’ll be headed! Bye for now Koh Tao!


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