Oh Koh Tao.

Beautiful and serene are a couple words I would use to best describe Koh Tao. Mix that in with an excellent night life and the craziest pub crawls and you’ve got one special kind of paradise!!

When we arrived at our hotel we all met up in the open air lobby/restaurant right on the beach! Instantly we knew this place was special but it wasn’t until we went to our room that my jaw dropped. We were staying in the cutest little private bungalows. It was a huge step up from the teeny rooms in Bangkok!! After we got all settled in our rooms the whole group met up on the beach where we sat for hours in the ocean drinking pitchers of sangria and getting better acquainted with everyone! This was a definite highlight for all of us! I’m so lucky to be with such an amazing group of individuals, we’ve all made some lifelong friendships for sure! The next night is when we got a real taste of Koh Tao’s nightlife! To start the story off, it was my birthday and we took a day trip to Tanote Bay where we got to snorkel and see all sorts of beautiful fishies. We also played beach volleyball and soaked up some serious sun! That evening we went for a delicious BBQ supper while sitting on a balcony overlooking the breathtaking sunset on the ocean! After supper my lovely travel companions surprised me with cake and a fabulous rendition of Happy Birthday! :) this was all followed by a night full of the best shenanigans! Our first go on the Koh Tao pub crawl! It costs 380 baht and with that you get a bucket of alcohol, 2 shots, and a t-shirt! Soo worth it when you consider 380 baht is approximately $12.50! The night only escalated from there going from the first bar, to a pool party, to an absolutely breathtaking lady boy cabaret show, to a club right on the beach with drinks and shots flowin for the birthday girl :p Needless to say this was the most incredible birthday I have ever had!!!! Perfection! I guess I can’t speak for Ruairidh though since he woke up on the beach with no shoes and no camera and only vague memories of nearly getting beaten up by a lady boy :p hahah Oh… I also got a lovely tattoo in Koh Tao from our tour guide, Woody! Koh Tao has given me some excellent memories and I am so thankful for that… Onto Koh Phangan!! :)


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