Night Markets & Waterfalls

Hey guys! 

Writing to you today from the big city of Chiang Mai! After our 10 hour overnight bus travel, we have finally arrived! For being Thailand's second largest city, it sure felt a lot more calm and cozy than Bangkok!

Upon settling in on our first day we toured the area, getting familiar with where our nearest 7-11 & restaurants would be. Later that evening we found the local night market! Packed with a variety of very cheap and very tasty dishes, I was in heaven! For $4 I ate myself full with four huge spring rolls, curry soup and a plate of rice with chicken cashew. I would definitely recommend anyone in the area take a visit! Post dinner, of course LBW was headed out to the bar! We've almost developed a pattern of having a really wild first night in each destination we visit. From killing it out on the dance floor to getting our "LBDUBS" chant out there, loud and proud LBW was the party! 

The following morning was spent with most people in their beds from a hard night out. Today was a free day, so a few of us had opted to take a visit to the Tiger Temple* and do some bungee jumping! Having read about the whole caged tiger controversy, I was a bit skeptical of going. I did want to see for myself on an unbiased opinion! I would say I had a 50/50 experience. It was extremely cool to be able to pet such a large and beautiful unchained animal; the negative side was that I felt like they may have been slightly drugged to drain any aggression. Overall I had a good experience and would recommend to go, or not to, on your own interpretation! The next stop was my favourite activity here in Chiang Mai, the bungee jumping! There was a handful of us that we're ready to get the adrenaline rushing through us. The ride up was just as much of a thrill; hand on my chest I could feel my heartbeat accelerating as we got higher. At an astounding 50 meters high, they tell you to stand on the edge, but DON'T LOOK DOWN. Of course, me being me, I had to look down. I can honestly say it was one of the most thrilling things I've done. It was funny to watch everyone, some falling on que, others taking a few minutes and panicked attempts. Regardless we all powered through and had a really awesome time! After another dinner at the night market we headed out for a few drinks. A few drinks quickly turned into 2am and many wobbly travellers; but then again it always does. 

For our last day in Chiang Mai, we were headed to go trekking in the uninhabited mountain area outside the city. Everything from the ride through to the trek itself was breathtaking! The lush deep green trees that towered high above us were taller than I had imagined. We adventured about 2 kilometres along natures trail to a nice little waterfall. Me and my friend Chris even adventured a bit further onward through unmarked trail. We soon found ourselves at the top of the waterfall! It was very calming and beautiful to sit up top looking down on everything from a different perspective. Apart from the waterfall trek, we also did a little bit of bamboo rafting. I didn't actually think it would be as stable as it was. Although I did enjoy the rafting, it's probably not something I would do again. 

The following morning we were headed off bright and early to Pai via a quick 4 hour bus ride! Overall I really enjoyed Chiang Mai! Although it lacked the same vibes as being on the coast, regardless it had its own special feeling. I would 100% recommend doing the trek outside the city, as it was gorgeous and well worth every second. If you seek a bit of thrill I would also recommend the bungee jumping! Thanks as always for reading my memories that I've made. Talk to you all soon! 

*Just as a note from the LBW Team: We respect the rights of our travellers to make their own decisions when they are travelling; therefore, visiting the Tiger Temple is an optional activity for the traveller's to partake in. Our company works hard to follow the ethical travel lifestyle, which is why we no longer wish to associate ourselves with the name or practices of the Tiger Temple, and similar facilities.


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