Never Goodbye, Only see you later!

I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by. It feels like yesterday that we all stumbled in from our long voyages unaware of what to expect.

Little did we know there was a family waiting for us. A family of like minded travelers seeking to be a part of an adventure for the next six weeks and boy did they deliver. We have gone through so much together, many parties were had, many fears were conquered, many life long friendships were made. It is sad to think that I will be waking up, back home, and I won’t have 54 amazing people to spend my day with. Each one with their own unique qualities that made me love them even more, whether they were the funny one, the sweet one, the story teller, the good listener, the shy one, the partier, or a mix. Every person made this trip what it was, truly spectacular! It is sad for me to think that we are saying our goodbyes, but it is never truly goodbye. It is always see you later.

We have these amazing memories that we will share and cherish forever. Those little moments, that when we think back will warm our hearts knowing how undeniably happy we were in that moment. Our hearts will forever be imprinted with a part of this trip and I believe it has changed us. We have learned so much: to be brave, about other cultures, how to be independent, how to make new friends and of course how to travel. We are all so much stronger now and we will forever be the six week May 2014 LBW family. I will miss you all, but I am sure our paths will cross again. Until next time.


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