My Blissful Bali Adventure: Kuta

As the wheels of the plane touched the ground, my heart genuinely skipped a beat. Excitement coursed through my body as the realization that I had finally arrived kicked in. My Blissful Bali adventure had finally begun after months of anticipation and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

The second that I arrived in Kuta after a long two days of travel, the incredible atmosphere overwhelmed me. I was immediately immersed in the warm, welcoming vibe and felt completely at ease. To kick off our journey of a life time, the group enjoyed our first “family dinner”, which was filled with delicious flavours, fantastic drinks and lots of laughs. Our first meal together truly made us all realize how unbelievably amazing this trip together would be.

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For my first full day in Bali, we were guided through the busy and fascinating streets of Kuta to the beach. The second that the sea breeze blew through my hair and the glistening sun kissed my cheeks, I was awestruck. I found myself staring in wonder at the white sandy beaches that looked as if they went on forever and the sparkling turquoise water. Surfers were gliding through the waves with such ease that it looked like a beautifully choreographed dance. I couldn’t take my eyes away, nor did I want to. My first attempt at surfing definitely was not as graceful since I ended up with a face full of waves and a mouthful of water, but I couldn’t care less. I was just excited to be trying something new. When I finally got up on the board without falling, I never felt so alive in my life.

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"This place just screamed good times"

The following morning, it was time to head to a new beach to participate in some water sports. The beach was full of people parasailing or trying fly fish in the air above and the water was full of jet skiers. This place just screamed “good times”. I had the spectacular opportunity to ride tandem on a jet ski, which genuinely was indescribable. Cutting through clear waters and soaring in the air after hitting a big wave took my breath away. By the end of the ride, my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much. Once the fun and games were done, we ventured out to our next sandy destination.

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The gorgeous rock formations and sparkling waters immediately made me fall in love. After a few hours of swimming and exploring, it was time to head to the Uluwatu Temple. The luscious greenery and gorgeous architecture left everyone breathless. I had never seen something so immensely gorgeous and surreal. The traditional Balinese dance that happened in the temple at sunset was absolutely captivating. The story the dance portrayed was so intricate and intriguing. It was the perfect way to spend our last night in Kuta.

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My name is Daria Patterson and I am from British Columbia, Canada. I am twenty years old and currently work as a part time legal office assistant while I am working towards completing a degree in counselling psychology. This trip will be the first time that I have ever been travelling as a solo traveler so I am nervous, but indescribably excited. I originally was going to be travelling with a group of friends, but they unfortunately could not make it in the end. I did not want to deprive myself of such a remarkable experience so I took the risk and went ahead with booking the trip myself. I could not be more thrilled with my decision to do so. This truly is the trip of a lifetime for me so there was no way that I could possibly justify turning this opportunity down. My one piece of advice would be to take the plunge and just book the trip while you still can. The memories will be worth it, trust me.

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