My Biking Adventure

I crashed my bike hurt quite a bit; definitely the worst bike crash I've ever had in all of my 25 years. Basically what happened was my sister and I got up the afternoon after the full moon party and decided to go for an adventure.

We found a place where you can rent pedal bikes (as in you have to push the pedals with your legs - not motorbikes) and since we biked around quite a bit in Europe we thought it would be great fun. We started off and were loving it! The cute little basket, the bell, the breeze blowing through our hair it was great! I had fun waving to the locals who all smiled and waved back. We used a map from a free guidebook we got at the hotel and we decided to head up the coast of the Island, we even stopped and saw a temple. So now, here in Thailand, the majority of the locals use some kind of scooter or moped to travel around, there are more of them than actual cars. We were a bit confused as to why more people weren't on push bikes... We found this out when we were a few hours into our ride. The hills here are insane! Let me rephrase, the mountain region is insane and hit us very hard. The unfortunate thing about our cute little basket bikes is that there is only one speed and no gears at all; thus, hill climbing is almost impossible as you can't switch gears. We had to walk our bikes up several hills because our legs would give out. This, combined with all of the laughing we were doing, slowed us downed quite a bit. What makes this funnier is the amount of sweat we were shedding. Girly me decided wearing a cute dress on my cute bike would be the best way to go - too bad I was dripping sweat and sunscreen all over it! It was literally damp when we made it back from our bike ride four and a half hours after we started it. 

As for the crash, well once we had climbed all these hills we of course had to come down, some of which you aim to go down really fast so you gain enough momentum to bring you back up the climb on the other side. Looking back now I see this is where I went wrong. We started this huggggee descent (like our brakes were squeaking from pushing them so hard) and part way down I found potholes. You can't see them until it's too late and swerving at that speed is a terrible idea so I would end up hitting them head on. My poor bike, the front tire started wobbling and I was worried I would pop it. We approached a curve and I was going way too fast, I came close to the edge of the road and realized I was going to go onto the grass/brush. I anticipated I would pop off, turn, and be able to pop right back onto the road - boy was I wrong. I went off the road, lost the footing on my pedals, and my hands must have slipped off/totally forgotten how to push the brakes because I basically dragged behind the bike for a good 20 or 30 feet. My pelvis rammed into the cross bar of the bike, and I helplessly held on for dear life waiting for the bike to stop moving (merciless bitch kept going) while the brush cut up my legs and feet. When I finally stopped moving, my first instinct was to check for a large gash across my thighs as that's what hurt the most. I was then approached by a woman who was walking her dogs and witnessed the whole thing. Her exact words were: "are you ok my darling?" At this point I think I was in shock or maybe had some adrenaline going. How could I have crashed that badly? What an idiot I thought, but it could have been much much worse. My legs and feet were cut up, I had a painful cut on one finger, mud on my legs, and yet to form bruises. Pretty good all things considered. The kind lady offered to take me to her house so I could rinse off the mud and clean up the cuts but I knew I just wanted to get back to the hotel ASAP as my sister and I were losing daylight and for all I knew my injuries could have become more painful as time passed. My sister had gone on not hearing my crash but she noticed soon after and came back and found me. The bike survived the crash, my sunglasses however did not :( I must admit biking the rest of the way home I was a little shaken up. But Leanna and I powered through and made it back to the hotel just in time for dinner. It's now the morning after the crash and I have a few nice big purple bruises. Very flattering on my pale skin in my swim suit haha I'm gonna be fighting off the men with a stick!


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