So much to do!

Hey everyone! I'm glad to say we've finally arrived in Koh Phangan! We're gonna miss the small, comforting vibes of Koh Tao. It seems as if this is a much bigger island! However, we're all well excited for what the Full Moon Party has in store for us in just a few short days! 

Our first day started off with a walk down to the beach; beautiful colour, but a very rough and wavy ocean! We had also went for a tour of the town & visited the night food markets. The food markets were definitely one of my favourite parts of this stop. They had a huge assortment of food vendors including Pad Thai, spring rolls, pizza, meat skewers, curry dishes and much more! My absolute favourite was the coconut curry chicken and rice; definitely the best meal I've had in a long long time. If you visit Koh Phangan I'd highly recommend stopping by. Later that night we attended a pool party that included bottomless drinks for the first few hours; I honestly don't recall most of what felt like a really good night. Only that we went on a 7 game beer pong streak only to be beat by our guides Dan and Sam. 

The following day was used to recover and rest up for the Full Moon Party, that was fast approaching. The day was spent mostly discovering what cool little shop the town had to offer. Ohh and another visit to the market of course for another few of my favourite chicken spring rolls! Some of us also took the chance to visit the traditional Muay Thai fights! They were actually much different than I anticipated them to be. Many of us bet one another on the fights and I was lucky enough to to walk away with a whole 100 Baht. Don't judge a book by its cover; especially a fighter! 

With another full day of lounging and rest, we were ready! The Full Moon Party was undoubtedly the best time of the trip so far. There's so much to say about this massive party I'll try to give you the lowdown without telling you everything. It was a wonderful experience, the atmosphere around us was really amazing simply because everyone around us had the same vibe. To start off we all sat around and pre-painted our selves in some really cool designs with neon colours. We kicked off slightly before midnight at the Rock Bar, which was right on the beach. Upon climbing up to the upper deck and looking out to the packed beach it was almost indescribable. Imagine looking out onto a beach and seeing 30,000 plus people partying below you! We watched many of the crazy drunk people attempt the fire activities, which usually didn't end too well! Between all the dancing and buckets, before I knew it the night was already coming to an end. Gladly, a handful of us actually stayed out and partied until almost noon; I'd say that's a pretty damn successful full moon party. Among the long list of things that we did that night the most memorable was the 7 AM sunrise. Just seeing everyone around and hearing of memories they made that night was really special. All the more because we sat watching one of the most beautiful sunrises I will probably ever see in my life. As the sun appeared over Haad Rin Beach, we didn't really talk we just sat and appreciated it all. The colours were so vivid and everything was really special in that moment. I hate to try and explain this all over simple piece of writing, just because the immense beauty of everything was almost indescribable. Pulling together a small group of who were left we headed off to a really really cool secret hangout spot. Imagine a really really long floating dock out a few hundred meters, in the middle of the bay. We laid down for a bit and again took it all in without speaking. I don't think there is anything I would change about that night, that's how good it was! 

With our last day already having arrived on some of us, we took a quick 2 hour nap and headed out again. We drove out to a bar called the Amsterdam Bar, what an amazing view this place has! It had a very relaxed mood and played many different Reggae remixes. After this we made our way to a place which was called "The Dome"! By this point everyone was exhausted from the minimal hours of sleep we got. The Dome was very different, but in a really good way! They gave us sarongs to wear, & offered free watermelon, water, and tea! The mood of this place was super relaxed and is honestly really hard to describe. There was a campfire we all sat around to relaxed at, and a few lounge huts close by. There was also a dry sauna that really helped put our bodies in a deeper relaxation! Although it was a bit weird at first, it was definitely a good wind down! 

If visiting Koh Phangan I would highly recommend 2 things: the night food market, and obviously a world famous Full Moon Party! We are now headed off to the small Peninsula of Railay! Many of us are excited to experience what it has to offer us with its much different landscape.

Thanks for the read and talk to all again soon! 


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