Meet our Thailand Blogger Alyssa!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Alyssa and I am a new blogger for LBW! I’m so excited to try this out and for our upcoming Treasures of Thailand tour.

Let me start by telling you a bit about myself; I’m 25 years old, am from northwestern Ontario and I currently work as a supply teacher. I’ve been travelling most of my life but have only recently started my international adventures. Last fall, my sister Leanna and I had applied for graduate school and I guess we were a little too hopeful because neither one of us got in. We were shocked! Not to mention disappointed. So we thought to ourselves ‘we have this entire year to do something, why not do something awesome?’ Sure we could have stayed home in our small little town working our mediocre jobs, or…we could do something badass! After all, who knows when/if we’ll ever have another year to ourselves. So we booked a one way flight to Europe and backpacked for three months. It was fabulous! Literally life changing, nobody can possibly explain it to you. There is no way to properly describe it, you just have to get out there and experience it yourself. Now as for how I got here, well it happened again. I applied a second time for the same program at a few more schools this time and once again was rejected. So Leanna and I sat down and said ‘Ok, where to this time?’ Since she knew some people who had visited Thailand before and loved it, we started doing some research, soon found LBW and here we are. 

Now just to clarify, this is not the first tour/tour group I have joined but with that being said there are several things that made me choose LBW and the Treasures of Thailand tour. In Europe my sister and I did two tours: a four day Oktoberfest tour with Contiki, and a week long boat tour with Sail Croatia. We loved both of these mainly because of the awesome activities you get to do, and because of the incredible people you meet. It’s so refreshing to meet fellow travellers! People who are similar to you in that they wanted something more from their lives than what is expected of them. We made great friends, shared a lot of memories (and alcohol) and I can easily say I won’t ever forget them. Both of those tours were amazing but they were too short! After making new friends we didn’t want to say goodbye after just a few days. When we found the six week Treasures of Thailand tour we were really excited at the prospect of travelling with a group for six whole weeks. Also because we’re quite unfamiliar with Thailand, this tour allows us the chance to sit back and enjoy the travelling while someone else does all the planning. We could have gone with another tour company but after we watched the LBW videos online we were completely sold, it become very obvious that this tour group would give us a really awesome time apart from anything we have experienced before. From what we found they do a lot of activities other tour groups don’t, and there is always a tour guide not too far away which will be nice considering I’m horrible with directions. 

It is now only a few days away from the start of the tour and I am very excited, anxious, and a bit stressed, but I know it is going to be such an amazing adventure and I am going to enjoy every second of it. 

By the way, Happy Thanks giving everyone! See you soon, 


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