Meet Our First YogaLife Teacher!

Meet Our First YogaLife Teacher!

We are thrilled to announce that Noelle Rivet will be our teacher for our premier YogaLife tour!


We wanted to give you the chance to get to know her, as we have had the privilege of doing so over the many years as an avid LBW Alumni, and to give you an inside look on what to expect on a YogaLife tour in Thailand! 

Here is an introduction to Noelle's travel and yoga backgrounds, in her own words. :) 

My Travel History

I have two passions in life: travelling and yoga. My wanderlust began at an early age when I decided to join the Travel Club my senior year of high school. I travelled to Italy and Greece with my best friends and classmates in 2005. I come from a small rural town in Alberta, Canada, with not much to see other than pump jacks and a distant view of the Rocky Mountains. I always yearned for distant places, exotic cultures, palm trees, sunsets over ocean views… Once I had had a taste for a world beyond my humble beginning, I was instantly hooked; I dropped out of pre-law on a whim to go to Mexico and then I moved to Edmonton. I was studying journalism at Grant MacEwan when I saw a poster for Life Before Work. I didn’t realize it then, but my life changed completely from that moment. I tore away the number at the bottom of the poster and started saving up for what seemed like a lifetime to go on the 6-Week Thailand tour. I was working as a bartender back then, and everyday as I headed to work I would tell myself “never lose sight of the dream." Thailand 2010 was a life-altering experience for me; the people I met on that trip fostered relationships that I still hold dear to this day. That trip gave me the confidence I needed to travel on my own, which I did for several years afterwards. I backpacked alone through South East Asia almost every summer after that, and I have continued to travel with LBW for the past 5 years. I am LBW alumni, OG YachtLife member, crusader of Holy Ship, Mansion dweller of Las Vegas, Tomorrowland time traveller. You name it, I’ve done it with LBW; I have had my happiest moments with my LBW family. 

My Yoga Background

I have been a yoga practitioner for 7 years now. I truly fell in love with the practice while travelling in Bali. I spent a few months in Indonesia, just surfing and doing yoga. When I came home back to Canada, the only thing that cured my post travel blues was getting on my mat. Yoga is like travelling except that the journey is within. I had an epiphany one day - why not combine my love for travel, with my passion for yoga, and make it a career? That's when I decided to become a yoga teacher. I approached Brady, and told him my plan, and it took a few years of convincing but I couldn’t be happier to finally get the opportunity to work with this amazing group of people and be a part of LBW. I truly believe that travel is education for living and if you set your mind to it, you can Live The Dream. 

For me, yoga began as an interest in physical fitness, but it quickly transformed into a passion for the practice. I came to realize the multitude of benefits not only on a physical level but mentally as well. Positive lifestyle changes accompanied me as I developed my practice and it led to the desire to teach and share my knowledge of yoga with others. Yoga is my passion, my medicine, my inlet, my outlet. I am deeply invested in the holistic healing properties and philosophy of this ancient wisdom tradition. I aim to inspire practitioners to find balance and live from the space of their truest potential. My teaching practice is genuine and authentic as I strive to learn only from those who have a deep understanding of traditional yoga. I am a Sattva yoga teacher, and I am certified by the Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200. I was authorized to teach by Rameen Peyrow, the founder of the Sattva School of Yoga, in 2014. I continue to learn from my beloved teacher and I assist at the Sattva school of yoga and I currently teach at Bliss Yoga Studio in Edmonton, AB. I will be receiving my RYT 400 hr certification once I have completed my teacher training at the Shiva Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh, India- the yoga capital of the world. I will be studying under the guidance of Swami Sudhir Anand. 

Past Travels: Italy, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Turkey, Thailand, Loas, Indonesia (Bali, Gili islands), China, Japan, Taipei, India, Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman Island, Mexico, United States- Miami, LA, Las Vegas, Canada- favourite place- Tofino. 

Festivals - Holy Ship, Tomorrowland, Shambhala

Favourite Activities: yoga, meditation, snowboarding, surfing, scuba diving, yachting, dancing, Champagne showers or pretty much anything to do with being on a boat, all water sports, beach activities, road tripping, hiking, camping, music festivals, aaaaand partying (aka celebrating life!) :) 

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Bali - Beautiful & Organic

Bali - Beautiful & Organic

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.