March Bali Bloggers: Kaylene, Taylor & Brandon!

March Bali Bloggers: Kaylene, Taylor & Brandon!

Hello fellow travel enthusiasts! 

My name is Kaylene Richter and I will be travelling to Bali on the March tour! Here's a little about myself; I am 21 years old and I'm from a small town in Alberta that I'm sure you've never heard of! Currently, I am working as a nail technician at a local salon in my hometown.

As much as I love what I do, I know that what my soul really longs for is travel. I've been to Mexico a few times as well as various parts of Europe! As of right now, my favourite destination I have visited is London, England! I have always wanted to go to Asia, especially after my family sponsored a child from Sri Lanka. The trouble was finding friends who wanted (and were able) to join me. Alas, nobody could. Finally, I said what the hey and booked hans solo ;) (Hehe!!) I have never been anywhere without family or friends so this LBW trip will be a whole new world for me! I'm nervous but so very excited! Why LBW? That's easy. A close friend of mine went on a Thailand tour last January and she couldn't say enough amazing things about it. I was sold! Why Bali? Although there are many places in this world that catch my eye, Bali stood out! From the culture and the scenery to the amazing nightlife it was inevitable that this is where I was meant to journey! I can't wait to meet everyone and experience all that Bali has to offer. I can already tell this will be an unforgettable trip! 

-Xo. Kaylene

Hello everyone! I’m Tay and I am very excited to explore Indonesia on the Life Before Work “Blissful Bali” tour starting at the end of March!

To tell you a little bit about me, I am 19 years old and I live in a small town in Western Canada. I made it half way through a college degree before deciding to take some time to live for myself and see the world! After all, when people ask me what I want to do when I grow up my response is always “to see as much of our planet as I can.” I have been fortunate enough in the past to do a fair amount of travelling, including trips to Mexico, The Dominican Republic, the UK, and France. I have always been more interested in experiencing new cultures and wild adventures than spending my holidays in hotels and resorts. One of the many reasons I chose this tour is because Bali seems like the perfect place to both relax on sandy beaches and explore the country with the many excursions Life Before Work has to offer. I am very excited to travel with LBW because I believe it will be a wonderful way to explore a new part of the world while meeting new people to create memories and friendships with! I absolutely love learning about different cultures so I am looking forward to experiencing a culture that I am completely unfamiliar with. After this tour I plan on coming home to work and save up more money so that I can continue to travel and repeat this process for as long as I can. 

I am looking forward to meeting everyone on this tour, and can’t wait to explore this region of the world in what I know will be a wonderful adventure! I am going to be a solo traveller on this trip, so if any one is in the same boat as I am, or wants to get to know as many of the travellers as possible before the tours starts, send me a message! I’m in the group Facebook page and I can’t wait to get to know you all both before we arrive in Kuta, and over the course of the 3 amazing weeks we will be spending together!


Hey everyone!! My name is Brandon Ruiz, and shortly I will be travelling through Indonesia on the "Blissful Bali" tour with LBW.

I will be one of the bloggers for this tour, and I really hope to share as much of my stories as I can with you all. To let you guys get to know a bit more about me, I should probably introduce myself. I am 21 years old and come from a city in Alberta called Edmonton. I like to think my profession as a world traveler...... in training. Over the past few months I've made enough stories and memories to fill a book! In all reality I work as a Steam-fitter back at home and have my final year of schooling coming up right after the tour! I have been fortunate enough to travel to many parts of the world including Alaska, Cuba, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia!! I have just recently come off a 6-week tour with LBW to Thailand. I had also blogged for the first time for this tour and really enjoyed writing about my experiences. All i'm gonna say is that I had the time of my life; and already can't wait for this tour to start.

I am looking forward to the tour more and more as the days go by! I decided to choose the "Blissful Bali" tour because I have heard nothing but good things from other backpackers, as well as other LBW friends that have just done the same tour. I also look forward to the pristine beaches and getting in touch with the cultural side that Indonesia has to offer. Ohh and can't forget the beach parties!

I will be doing this tour as a solo traveler so I am really excited to meet each and every one of you. I can't wait to make countless new memories, stories, and friendships as we travel this amazing country together.

Much love, Brandon


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