Living the YachtLife

Sailing the Aegean Sea with #LBWYachtLife for a week aboard a luxury yacht was nothing short of stellar. With 27 excited soon­-to-­be-­besties from all over the world, 2 countries, 1 on-board DJ and endless #nofilter sunsets, I can't wait until I’m back at sea.


All the image searches and trip review sites I saw before my trip failed miserably in comparison to experiencing the culture and beauty of Turkey and Greece first hand. You just have to GO.

As I watched the sun dip behind the castle in Bodrum, Turkey on my first night, the sky turned into a pastel party of color. Me and my new shipmates sipped on our welcome flutes of champagne and played the name game. The majority of our crew consisted of a bunch of rad Australians, a few awesome Americans and a sprinkling of cool Canadians ­all with the same attitude that we were about to have one hell of a week together. Morning, I woke up in a new Mediterranean paradise.

Beachfront iced coffees in Kos, wake-boarding at Eli Beach in Rhodes, market shopping in Simi, exploring dormant volcanoes in Nisyros, quick ocean dips in Datça and a few onboard dance parties in our own private bays. I experienced so many ‘once in a lifetime’ moments that I had to remind myself I wasn’t in some adventurous nautical sunset dream. Luckily, I have the Instagram photos to prove it! 

What really set my trip apart from any group trip I’ve been on was the organization. 

As a budget solo traveller, I’m always my own travel agent. I do all the gruelling pre­trip research, booking and planning myself. This time, I decided to put my trip’s fate in the trusted hands of Life Before Work’s expert team of guides and let them charter my course.

Throughout the entire week, our guides made sure everyone was always taken care of. We had an itinerary we stuck to, optimal time for partying/taking naps on the sundeck and daily announcements of the day’s events. Since everything was so well organized, it was so much easier for me to let loose, have fun and actually have a relaxing vacay.


My week with LBW was the perfect balance of exciting nightlife, cultural exploration and living that laid back #LBWYachtLife. I made new travel buddies from around the world, ate delicious food, took enough sunset photos to (maybe) last me a lifetime, got some new tan lines and partied until the sun came up. Thanks to everyone at LBW for having me, I’ll definitely be back soon!


My name is Katherine Gaskin and I’m a graphic and web designer. 

When I’m not hunched over my computer, you can find me snapping photos, planning my next adventure or sharing my colourful, beach-inspired designs on Instagram.

Now that I can work remotely, I enjoy travelling and soaking up as much creative inspiration as I can. Since starting Salty Pineapple in 2012, I’ve explored Australia, Hawaii, Amsterdam, Croatia, Rome, Turkey, Greece, the Caribbean, Western Canada and Costa Rica. In the near future, I plan to travel to French Polynesia and South East Asia.

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