Lets do it all

Our last days in Railay were awesome. We did some rock climbing and caving which was really cool. The day after that was an awesome beach day where everyone got burnt and we discovered the most delicious wrap stand! I would go back to Railay just for the wraps.

After Railay we left for Phi Phi. It was a cool mix of the islands. There were beautiful beaches and tons of shopping. There was also a really nice viewpoint after a good walk up a bunch of stairs. There was also an awesome nightlife in Phi Phi similar to Koh Phangan which was thoroughly enjoyed. Koh Lanta was next and it was really relaxing. I wish we could have stayed a bit longer. We got to see the local animal shelter they have. It was amazing. They are non profit and do so much for the animals. Today we arrived in Phuket and did bungee jumping. I also spotted some cheap nikes so I may have to send about 5 pairs home.

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