Krabi, I Never Want To Leave!

We immediately felt at home when we arrived at the KrabiLife Homestay. The rooms and a bar surrounded the pool and eating area which created a very cosy and homely vibe. Our hosts Rong and his partner Jamie were super nice and laid back, welcoming us into their home with one rule only: no fornicating in the pool! 

For our first night there we played some drinking games and chugged back some ‘Rong Ways’, a deadly and delicious concoction of 3 different spirits with coke. Just a warning, once you taste one you can’t stop, and they don’t do any favours for your short term memory, but they definitely make for a completely hilarious night. 

After attempting to recollect the events from the previous night and deal with a deadly hangover we went to the beautiful Namtok hot springs to relax. The natural pools were around 45 degrees celsius and had plenty of minerals to help rejuvenate your skin. 

In between activities we usually chilled in the pool with the local kids, sun bathed, napped in one of the many hammocks or socialised over a good game of Monopoly or scrabble. 

The next day Rong taught us about the rubber manufacturing process, right from the rubber tree to the finished product. He also told us about different uses for Palm oil and taught us a bit about the local economy. To finish the day we trekked through the beautiful jungle to cool off at the local waterfall.

Shout out to Rongs family for looking after us, Few for accompanying Darryl and I on a night run, Nugget for being the cutest and most entertaining little baby, and Kebtok the cat for letting us cuddle you everyday. 

Lastly Rong and Jamie, thanks for letting us become a part of your family, I can’t wait to come back. 

Next stop: Kanchanaburi!


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