Koh Tao, We Love You.

Our LBW family had been looking forward to the Koh Tao pub crawl all week. Not only did we get to wear matching tanks and check out the best bars in Koh Tao, we also got to celebrate our tour guide Mattys birthday!

We had a blast drinking shots, socialising with other travelers, having a sweet little pool party and enjoying the Queens cabaret with a killer Beyoncé performance that had us all going wild! 

The next morning a few of us grabbed some Paddle boards and chilled on the ocean for a couple of hours, soaking up the sun, snorkeling and then we headed back for some food at a chill R&B bar. The viewpoint temple hike that afternoon was the first time I had some real exercise on the trip! But it was totally worth it as the view of the island and the beach was stunning. 

On the last day we geared up for a boat party that went from 9am to 4pm. We had a pitstop at Koh Nang Yuan island where we took photos at the famous viewpoint that you see on all of the postcards. The boat party was a real bonding experience for the group; we chilled in the water with our upside down life jackets and drinks while others jumped off the top of the boat and partied to the music. We all had so much fun that day! 

To finish up our Koh Tao stay we had a sweet group dinner at a Mexican inspired restaurant and partied at the Rock bar. Thank you Koh Tao for the beautiful hospitality, you will always be a second home to me.


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